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Edmonton Eskimos


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if ya noticed already, here's a cookie...anyways, after that Steelers set, I got around to a team I'd long wanted to do but never had a decent idea for until now: the Edmonton Eskimos...it's actually been up on my site for about a week but I feel now's as good a time as any to post it on the board...


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The Incorporation of the Double-E logo into the stripes is just TOO GOOD for the Templated CFL!!!

And the "watermark" pattern: OUTSTANDING.

Can I assume that it is not PRINTED on shirt, but a different texture (shiny???)

You are a genius!!!

The only one thing I don't think I can get used to, is the helmet, I think you need the football shape around the logo, it looks like it's lost there.

Maybe a fully striped football shape with the logo?

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