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Annual Draft Picks' New Unis thread


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Donald Brown at his introductory Colts press conference


That blue helmet logo is interesting. It could be nice to see something like that as an alt.

On the subject of colts logos.... what ever came of that alternate logo contest? Are they gonna use it?

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No offense anyone, but we don't really need to see all the #1, #2, #09 jerseys - those could be posted all day. Let's look for the actual uniform numbers that they'll be wearing.

On topic - man, that 49ers jersey is a mess with those sleeve stripes. They're going to be completely non-existent on the field.

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Sorry to break the unofficial rule, but I thought it would be interesting to show this one:


Wow. They used the AFL Anniversary throwback jersey for that photo-op?

That is interesting.

I would think they would. When Goodell was announcing the 8 AFL anniversary team's pick, an old logo was flying around on the screen behind him. And on all of those teams' phone tables was the throwback helmet they're wearing this year.

That said, my Bills gave Maybin and Wood throwback jerseys with the number 1.

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