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Maine Red Claws unveil logo


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The Maine Red Claws, whose inaugural season will begin in the fall of 2009, unveiled their primary logo today. The team?s logo was revealed at a press conference outside of the Portland Exposition Building, the Red Claws new home. The team?s official colors will be green, white, red and black.

The team?s primary logo was shown to the public for the first time by President and GM Jon Jennings on a giant ten foot sign as well as on a backlight sign atop the Expo?s new exterior sign and video message board that was also unveiled at the press conference. The logo consists of a fierce but lovable looking lobster with giant Red Claws and basketballs at the ends of its antenna?s. Brazen across the front of the logo in green and white is the team name, Maine Red Claws.

?We are very excited about the new logo and believe it accurately expresses the type of high quality, family friendly and entertaining product that will take to our new parquet floor in the fall.? Said Bill Ryan Jr. team Chairman.

?I?m thrilled with the logo and I hope the fans will be too and wear it proudly on their hats and t-shirts.? Said Jennings.

The logo was developed by Alexander Green and Tony Neary of Traction, a Cincinnati brand design firm. This is the third logo that Traction has developed for the NBA Development League, joining the Iowa Energy and the Reno Bighorns. You can see more of Traction's work at www.teamtraction.com.

"It is an honor to have our work chosen for the NBA Development League again. We think the identity for the Red Claws turned out really well, and we are very pleased. We hope that the players, front office and fans embrace the new team and the new logo." Said Tony Neary, Partner at Traction.


and here is the photo I took of the huge banner they had at the unveiling.


Everyone there was saying they loved it. I have to disagree with them. What do you think??

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My biggest problems are that;

-it seems way too detailed, even though it has been simplified a lot. Maybe that is the nature of a lobster logo.

-there is barely any Green in the logo. Are they always going to show it on a Green background?

-the lobster has two claws that match. No pincher and no crusher. If they are going to include all those little curves on the claws, why not make one big and clunky and one small and sharp?

-his face isn't pointy at all.

-the antennae with basketballs on the end are really distracting.

-he isn't holding onto something, just kind of touching the wordmark.

-it is too wide compared to its height.

-it isn't my design.

I do like the eyes though.

edit: Be sure to check out the designer's website at http://www.teamtraction.com/

They have some great things in their portfolio regarding the other D-League teams they have made logos for. Really interesting to see.

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Right in line with the D-League. It's not great, but it's a start. Goes hand in hand with the d-league, as the d-league is a start.

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I like the primary, but the retro-feel circle logo is boss.

Especially with the parquet, the inclusion of more green, and the we-love-the-C's identity of the club and market. I hate the Celtics, but that's the way they want to go if they're using RED Claws and the lobster theme that comes with it.

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Why does the D-League insist on using that short-living Spalding ball design? It wasn't good enough for the NBA, but they had already ordered a huge shipment so they dump them in the D-League? That design is in 4 of the 15 teams' logos?

By the way, Anaheim, CA to Springfield, MA? Talk about a RELOCATION!

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Isn't a lobster DEAD when it's RED?

Yeah, unless you paint a live one. In which case it probably won't last long either. I think it's a little worse than the Milwaukee Bucks using a mounted deer head as a logo.

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