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Just got off youtube after checking out the video for new features on Madden 10. At the end of the video the designer mentioned all the platforms that it would be coming in and PS2 WAS mentioned...was I hearing things or do you think it WILL be available on PS2? Thats all I have and I would hate to dish out $300 for a ps3 just for one game although this one sounds fantastic

Can anyone confirm this? I mean, I'll probably eventually get it for my PS2 anyway, but I'll make it priority if it has all of this.

Agreed. If this is on the PS2 then I will continue to procrastinate getting a 360 or PS3 just to get the next-gen EA Sports games

Yes, the game is being made for the ps2. I don't know if it has the uniform option though.

I know it's being made for PS2, but does it have the mix-and-match uniform options for the PS2 version?

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I doubt it does, EA doesn't give a damn about the PS2 version. It's just a rehash of Madden 06 which was the last Madden installment I ever played on PS2 and the last one that EA probably cared about, I know because I had Madden 08 on PC and there was literally no difference in things.

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Hey guys, want to celebrate the AFL's 50th anniversary with those awesome uniforms we've all been fawning over? Already plunked down sixty bucks on your new-gen copy of Madden?

Never fear, you'll only have to spend seven more.

Holy crap!


EDIT: Retro endzones and the field numbers inside the Raiders shield! :shocked:

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$7 for something that was already avertised as being in there and should be in there for free. You can get a free yellow Packer jersey that doesn't exist, but the (these AFL) onfield alts are gone. Forget it EA. EA charges for every little cheat or extra now. "It's in the game"...for a little extra money.

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