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Odd NFL shield


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I don't recall seeing the "two star" version before. Was this an actual logo at any time? Looking closely at the Cowboys logo shows that small stars were doable even on this fabric weave, so I am guessing they could have done the more traditional NFL shield if they would have wanted to. Insight?

All of the NFL teams are on the blanket and all have a shield version of the logo that is simply the "usual" logo with a shield around it. The one exception is the Eagles. They add a football in the top corner, perhaps just as a space filler. Anyone else seen it before?


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There's a short transition video piece that runs on NFL Network, maybe 10 seconds or so that runs as they're cutting to/from commercials, that has the NFL shield morphing from the earliest version through the current one and I'm pretty sure that one's in the sequence.

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