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49ers third uniform


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The Niners' "back to the future" kick got me in a similar mood. I figure whoever remembers the last Packers concept I did will see a bit of that here....and a small hint: that bit has nothing to do with the jersey color ;)

without further ado, here goes:


thanks to Colorwerx for posting that 49 shield, that's mainly what made me say "I'm gonna do a Niners concept"

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your concepts are seriously the most entertaining concepts on the whole forum to me.

most of them i'd probably not like to see on the field as real options, but on my monitor, i love them. and they're always so well presented.

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A few suggestions:

1. Lose the shooting-niner from the sleeves. It just looks like the kind of logo that needs to be displayed on it's own, not competing with stripes.

2. Place the 49er shield on the sleeves in its place.

3. Drop the 49er shield from the waist, and move the stripes up so that they're behind the numbers... Canadiens style.

4. If the 49er shield was supposed to represent a "belt buckle", then make it an actual one! Lots of teams have covers that wrap their belt buckles and display team logos (I know that some Titans wear these). Make the actual belt a triple-stripe (if that's possible) and add the 49er shield as kind of an oversized fabric cover for the buckle.

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Like the pants, perhaps a little to close the the Chiefs pants to ever be used (perhaps look at gold but with same stripes to combat that) but really like those.

Too much going on on the jersey if you ask me, and that coming from someone who followed and wore 1995 World League jerseys that were as confusing as anything! I'd loose the belt stripes, they are to Ice Hockey for my taste but if you do decide to keep them do something different with the sleeves. When the jersey is worn you'd have hoops at all different angles due to the way jerseys are tailored these days and it'd look confusing.

Love TheVet's suggestion about the belt cover not so sure about the stripes on the belt, one colour might be better, but love the idea of using the shield as a buckle cover though, excellent idea.

On the helmet i'd lose the shield from the stripes on the back and either get rid of it completely or move it down onto the white neck cuff similar to the way the Packers have their logotype displayed there on their helmets.

The shield logo has been used incidently, only on merchandise though, i saw it on a few t-shirts, hoddies and downloadable mobile phone graphics last season but it's never been used on any on field equipment to the best of my knowledge.

Great presentation of your idea and good clean work and while i'd never be in favour of an all gold jersey even as an alternative it's far from the worst 49ers concept jersey i've ever seen, so good job.


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