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NCAA Baseball Concepts!


so how is this set?  

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ok, heres a little project Ive been working on. Im not a big college sports fan but the one thing I do like about college sports is how the same identity is applied to different sports (sort of like.....crossovers!)

just so you guys know, Ive been to all of these school's athletic websites and observed what thier baseball unis looked like. Most of them I admit are a bit boring, and Stanford of course, still uses that infernal pullover style jersey :evil:

U of Oregon doesnt even have a div. I baseball team!

so I decided to apply my thoughts on what the Pac-10 conference baseball unis should look like. no need to copy and paste


Arizona State



Oregon State





Washington State

*as you would expect from this school, this concept sort of pushes the envelope. have your shades ready

so observe, admire, and vote away! I plan to do baseball concepts for the Mountain West and WAC as well. If you want to discuss these concepts with me on an individual basis please do so via PM.....that is, assuming I havent blocked you from doing so! :hockeysmiley:

have a good day!!! :flagusa:

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