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My NHL Redesign


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It's been a while, but I'm back with a new series: I'm redoing the entire NHL, and posting them alphabetically.

A few ground rules: Everyone gets SOMETHING changed, but not all things will change. For instance, I may not touch a team's primary logo (or I'll just make minor changes), but the uniforms will change or there will be a new secondary or alternate. Basically, I want to redo a lot of things, but I'm not about to go and completely turn the Original Six upside down. So some teams will have a lot of changes, other teams will see fewer.

For every team, I'll be posting a primary mark, a word mark, home jersey, road jersey and alternate jersey. I may include a secondary logo for every team, but I haven't decided yet. For the alternate jerseys, none will be throwbacks but they may be throwback-inspired. Alternate jerseys are meant to be just that. They would be worn VERY sparingly, just a handful of times a year. So many of them will be quite different or off-the-wall.

Basically, I'm trying to give all 30 teams a balanced, consistent, realistic identity. I figure I have completed work or at least have gotten well into about half the teams, so I'm going to begin posting concepts as I work on finishing the league. C+C on everything is welcome, because I'll be going back to previous concepts and trying to make them better. I'll be posting them alphabetically, so...

Index of Teams

Anaheim Ducks

Atlanta Thrashers

Boston Bruins

Buffalo Sabres

Calgary Flames

Carolina Hurricanes

Chicago Blackhawks

Colorado Avalanche

Columbus Blue Jackets

Dallas Stars

Detroit Red Wings

Edmonton Oilers

Florida Panthers

Los Angeles Kings

Minnesota Wild

Montreal Canadiens

Nashville Predators

New Jersey Devils

New York Islanders

New York Rangers

Ottawa Senators

Philadelphia Flyers

Phoenix Coyotes

Pittsburgh Penguins

San Jose Sharks

St. Louis Blues

Tampa Bay Lightning

Toronto Maple Leafs

Vancouver Canucks

Washington Capitals

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#1: Anaheim Ducks


They have such a great name, but such a boring identity. So I went in a different direction with the Ducks. I changed the colors to make them brighter and more duck-like, so I went with a pond green, a bright yellowish orange, and I kept the black as a secondary color. The primary logo is a duck head set inside an orange oval, which is flanked by sylized, outstretched wings.

I kept the same script the Ducks currently use (with only superficial changes). I think it is actually a nice wordmark, and the type style and basic visual style go well with what I did with the rest of the identity. The secondary logo is the web-foot-D from the wordmark.

For the uniforms, I wanted to keep the some of the same visual elements from the logo, so I used a lot of round shapes, with negative space. It's a bit of an unorthodox look, but I think it works well as a whole package. For the alternate, I didn't want an all-black set so I used the orange color. This looked much less bright in its pre-.png state, and I know it's very bright, but keep in mind it's an alternate jersey for a team in southern California. I used a striping style that's sort of reminiscent of the old Mighty Ducks days.




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I am very excited to see another series from you, and I hope this will be as good as your others. I love the colors you chose, which are much more..... duck-like. The logo is great as well and it makes sense to have a logo of an actual duck. The jerseys are very nice as well. I don't mind the yellow alternate too much. Good job, I can't wait to see more of your work.

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This set is absolutely perfect for the Ducks. There is only one thing that I'm unsure about and that's the yellow logo on yellow jersey alternate. I'm not sure how visible the logo would be. I can't wait to see what you can do with every other team. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

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The uniforms are amazing! But the logo isn't doing it for me. I think if you drop the wings from the sides of the cirle it will look better. They seem kind of tacked on and detract from the very well rendered duck head. The colors are also a big improvement. I love seeing your redesign series and look forward to what you have in sstore for the NHL.

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I love the colours and Im not a huge fan of the logo, but it works. The only change I would make is throw the "D" logo on the shoulder of the home and away jerseys. The colours are perfect for the Ducks and I like the jersey design as well.

Nice work.

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In my opinion the logo is a little bit over-designed. It could likely go without the wings design on the sides. On the other hand I think the jersey design is top-notch. The only thing I would edit is the shoulder piping. It's extraneous and the jerseys would jibe better without it. Overall I am a fan of this, but it could use some tweaking here and there.

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I hate hockey and know nothing of the aesthetics, but this is very well done man. I'm not a fan of their current identity at all, yours is miles better. I think the logo gets lost on the home uniform a little, a white outline might help it out. The same goes for the alternate, as the orange D wouldn't be very noticeable from a distance on the orange jersey. Well done man, can't wait to see more.

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I'm not sure why, but the Duck looks bored--maybe it's the eyes.

I'm not a big fan of that green, but I'd get used to it.

On the alt--the orange D/duckfoot blends too much with the jersey--

Maybe mix that up somewhat.

BUT overall this is a good set, which would look good in person and in a game.

Nice start.

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Thanks to everyone for the feedback, it's great to get some detailed responses. Let me address some of the comments.

Several people mentioned the yellow/orange logo on the yellow/orange jersey. Looking at it now, I agree. At the time, I was trying to keep it consistent with the wordmark (if you don't know already, you'll find I'm a whore for consistency), but I think when it's a stand alone D removed from the rest of the wordmark, it's fine to change it up. So I'll fix that in the update.

The rest of the criticism seems focused on the primary logo. As far as removing the wings: Believe me, I looked at doing this. To my eye it didn't look nearly as good or interesting, especially on the sweaters. I think the wings make it look more like a hockey crest; without the wings it's just a duck in an oval. I'll try to revisit this and if it's going anywhere, I'll post it in the update.

As far as the 'fierceness' of the duck: I tried this also, and it wasn't working. The problem is that fierce eyes or face look really odd on a duck that is rendered (more or less) realistically. If I had done a hyper-stylized duck, I think it could have worked. But on my logo it looked way too forced. And believe me, there will be plenty of fierce-eyed logos in this series. These days, I think it's a nice change to have an animal logo with a more 'regal' look, which is what I was trying to achieve. Perhaps it isn't working.

More C+C always welcome. Update on this later today, hopefully.

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It's refreshing to see a well thought out concept with what seems like a lot of time put into it, so kudos to you there. On that note I'll be looking at it as not something simply thrown together, but a very talented, serious design.

COLORS (10/10) - I love the colors. The Ducks current colors are incredibly boring. In fact they could spruce themselves up simply by added green to the set, but black is sooooo trendy.

LOGOS (7.5/10) - I like, but do not love. The recoloring of the current Ducks' wordmark is nice but I'm not reallysure how I feel about the primary. It looks better on the white jersey than it does on the green, so maybe it might look better on the green if it was crested in white. (or since there's no white in the green jersey, crested in yellow/gold). All I know is it needs something to differentiate between the dark black and dark green.

JERSEYS (7/10) - I don't hate them, but I'm really not in love with them. It could just be the logo throwing me off, I'm not sure. The home/road could use the "D" as a shoulder patch. The third, again not sure about because I don't like a gold "D" on a gold jersey. Nobody'd kill you if you went with a green "D" and matched it to the numbers on the back, or even if you went with a black jersey. Black jerseys aren't bad as alternates.

POPTARTS (3/10) - They're sort of concentrated death. Too many calories packed into such a small, unsatisfying pastry. Some of them are good, when toasted, but not great. If I never ate another poptart as long as I live I wouldn't feel cheated.

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The only things I'd change are the wings (as has been mentioned), but for another reason. The logo seems way too horizontal, forcing it to be scaled to a rather small size on the actual jersey.

Also, on the home uniforms I would hold back on the black. It looks like you made an effort to make black an accent color, but there is so much of it on the homes that yellow seems under-used.

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My comments basically echo what everyone else has said (yellow logo on the yellow alternate, primary logo, blah blah blah). Ducks are funny creatures, so other than a head I can't really think of anything else that would look decent as a primary logo. I thought maybe a duck flaring (coming in to land on water, wings spread), but after looking at the pictures on our server (I work for Ducks Unlimited), ducks look goofy as hell when they land, almost comical, and I don't think that would suit a logo of a hockey team.

Good example:


This one is fairly straight, but usually they tilt back and forth to get their aim right.


I personally think this would make a fantastic logo, but it's much too horizontal to work on a hockey jersey, as vic mentioned about your current logo.

Here is a poor example:


You could try and make the duck look more aggressive by doing a raked forward look similar to the Fresno Falcons logo, but webbed feet aren't really aggressive or menacing!

I definitely think this color scheme suits the Ducks much better though! The green and yellow is a fantastic combination, and unique.

If you're looking for any resource pictures to take a look at just let me know, I've got access to thousands of them!

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I'm a fan of the wings, but I don't like having two cometing elements in the crest logo (the wings and the duck head.)

Maybe put a large A inside the oval (or slightly overlapping it) and relegate the duck head to sleeve status? I definitely say keep the wings on the front.

Scaling wont be an issue with a simpler design (like the monogram) as the center.

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As far as the 'fierceness' of the duck: I tried this also, and it wasn't working. The problem is that fierce eyes or face look really odd on a duck that is rendered (more or less) realistically. If I had done a hyper-stylized duck, I think it could have worked. But on my logo it looked way too forced. And believe me, there will be plenty of fierce-eyed logos in this series. These days, I think it's a nice change to have an animal logo with a more 'regal' look, which is what I was trying to achieve. Perhaps it isn't working.

More C+C always welcome. Update on this later today, hopefully.

I'm not sure the duck needs to be fierce--sometimes in logos that's overdone, and it takes away from the look.

But as I said--the duck looks bored.

There should be someway to find middle ground without looking bored or looking artificial.

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Ok, thanks for the additional input. I've got a quick mock-up of two possibilities that have been discussed. On the left, the current logo outlined in yellow. On the right, the logo sans wings.


I don't think either of them is necessarily better, but I could live with the one on the left. To me, the green I'm using isn't so dark that the black needs an outline, but that may be my monitor. I still think the logo of just the duck head is a nice image, but a weaker crest.

Other thoughts: vicfurth, you're right about it being wide. It was originally much wider, but I scaled it back to this. I would have taken it further, but it was starting to look like that thing from the Philadelphia Phantoms jerseys. I know it makes for a wide logo, but I still think the wings are the strongest element and need to be there.

DelayedPenalty, you've hit on something I discovered while working on an idea for a secondary logo. I was going to have a duck in flight (more of a profile perspective), but it was getting WAY too detailed to be a good logo, and the animal in general is simply goofy looking from most perspectives. Also, and this goes to Stampman's point, ducks have pretty blank, emotionless faces. The expression he has may look bored, but it's hard to do much with a duck face without making it look cartoonish, which I didn't want. The render I did was the best straight-up expression I could find.

BringBackTheVet, I like your idea. I like it so much that it's already been done (more or less) as a secondary for the next team, the Atlanta Thrashers. So naturally I was trying to stay away from the same idea on two different teams. But the more I look at what I've got for Atlanta, the more I think I should drop the A-wing as their secondary and do something else. So maybe I'll do a mock-up of that for the Ducks and see what happens. I think that if it's well done, the A flanked by wings could be a very nice primary logo, with the duck head as a shoulder patch (as you mentioned). Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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