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Hey everybody.

I know this thread just looks like a blatant plug for my website, PowerPlayGoal.com (at the moment there's not much point anyway, especially since we haven't had time to update our content for over two months), but we've recently been considering a complete revamp of the site's appearance and colour scheme. And to start with, I've updated our logo.

First of all, to give you an idea of the logo's evolution, so to say, here is the original from when we first launched in 2006:


Prior to our launch, I worked with many different fonts until finally settling with Vipnagorgialla. At the time of making this, I was still fairly new to Photoshop so a lot of Blending Options like gradients and glows were used; the puck and stick were both images borrowed from Google which had these effects applied to them. Looking back at it now, the whole thing feels kind of squashed, which is probably because I've gotten used to newer versions.

Next, our current logo, for when we relaunched the website around this time last year:


As part of the rebrand, we changed our website colours from blue and red to blue and orange... for some reason. This time around, I used the Pop Warner font, which is very similar to what some North American pro sports teams use, and is easier to read than Vipnagorgialla. This time, the puck was made entirely out of shapes on Photoshop, and I was surprisingly pleased as to how it turned out. The stick was once again a Google image that had stuff done to it.

And finally, here is the new version of the logo for our revamp:


This time, there are no gradients, but rather solid, flat colours, and we also decided to go back to our original blue and red website colour scheme. The Pop Warner font has been carried over from the previous version of the logo, and the puck has been removed and replaced with a dot (though we may keep the puck as a secondary logo or something). I also stopped being needlessly lazy with the hockey stick and drew it myself, even adding a cartoony tape to the blade, which seems to help reinforce the fact that we're more of a humour based website (or humor, if you must).

So what do you all think of the new logo so far? Any and all C&C is welcome and appreciated.

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The new one looks good, but there's a few things that could be improved. First, the offset outline around the whole logo is unneeded and looks somewhat cluttered. Second, lighten the blue a bit. Right now it doesn't have enough contrast with the black outline, so the cartoony feel is lost a bit (if that's what you were going for).

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