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Topeka Golden Giants

Ez Street

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Background: The Topeka Golden Giants are a summer college wood bat team that plays in the MINK League (Missouri Iowa Nebraska Kansas) and I wanted to spice up their look slightly.

Currently the team uses a "TG" logo as their only mark. You can find their "TG" logo inside both the alt logos I made.

Purpose: Well, I was just playing around with looks. I might submit the best idea to the team for them to use. Most of the teams in this league are non-profit and have little money to spend on graphic design and advertising.

Notice: Yes, I do know that the "slugger" featured in the first logo is the same as the Nashville Sounds. Until I can make a different silhouette (if I do) it will have to do. I doubt there will be any issues with it. Two teams in the MINK use the Oakland Athletics "A" in some shape or form and one team uses the Kansas City Brigade's stealth logo. I'm not condoning any mis-use of logos, but I doubt there would be an issue with a silhoutte batter compared to the other instances.

If you guys think it's a real issue, please tell me.

Anywho, here are the logos, nothing fancy or revolutionary. I'm not as versed in Illustrator and can only do the simplest of applications.


Please leave your comments and suggestions.


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I like #1 better, but reverse the blue and gold colors. If the team is the Golden Giants, the skyline and silhouette should be gold to play on the name. I also think the text reads better as white on blue.

Thanks, that is worth a shot.

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