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STS-129 Mission Patch


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The mission patch artwork for the forthcoming STS-129 shuttle mission became available today via CollectSPACE.


Scheduled Launch Date: No earlier than November 12, 2009


Commander: Charles Hobaugh (3)

Pilot: Barry Wilmore (1)

Mission Specialist 1: Michael Foreman (2)

Mission Specialist 2: Randolph Bresnik (1)

Mission Specialist 3: Leland Melvin (2)

Mission Specialist 4: Dr. Robert Satcher (1)

Landing From ISS: Nicole Stott

Number in parentheses indicates number of spaceflights by each individual prior to and including this mission.

Explanation of the patch

"The sun shines brightly on the International Space Station above and the United States below representing the bright future of U.S. human spaceflight.

The contiguous U.S., Rocky Mountains, and desert Southwest are clearly visible on the earth below encompassing all the NASA centers and the homes of the many dedicated people that work to make the space program possible.

The patch's integrated shapes follow the outline of the two ExPRESS Logistics Carriers to be delivered by STS-129 providing equipment ensuring the longevity of the ISS.

The space shuttle is silhouetted by the sun highlighting how brightly the orbiters have performed as a workhorse for the program over the past three decades.

The shuttle ascends on the astronaut symbol represented by the red, white and blue swoosh bounded by the gold halo.

The names of the crew members are denoted on the outer band of the patch.

As STS-129 launches, the shuttle is in its twilight years, juxtaposed by the 12 stars on the patch, symbolic of the crew's children who are the future.

The Moon and Mars represent how close humankind is to reaching further exploration of those destinations and how the shuttle and ISS missions are laying the ground work for those future endeavors."

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