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Quebec Nordiques Re-brand/Modernization


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Okay, most of us are framiliar with the Nordiques proposed logo before re-locating to the rockies.


While it may be a cool logo, it comes with a few flaws.

1. Its very angular, and there is not much flow to it. When I look at it I see a bunch of separate shapes thrown together.

2. It has 6 different colours. Navy/Purple + Teal = bad combo. Plus they ditched the light blue that I'm sure is one of the first things people think about when they remember the Nordiques, who could forget those jerseys :P

3. The strange, skewed font, seriously, why is it even there?

So I sat down and thought, "this is a good start, but It has much room for improvment." I wanted to tone things down, and simplify it, I reduced the colours down to Light blue, a darkish Royal Blue, and white.


C&C welcome

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The one thing I really notice about that logo is how overdone the white stroke looks around the neck. The face, OK it's stylized but I don't mind it.

On yours, I'd try doing it without the background first - right now, it looks like your wolf is wearing a high-collared cape!

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Bump. Come on, 200 views and 2 replies

Patchey, You haven't changed a whole lot... you've simplified/modified shape, and you've re-coloured. Neither one of those generally garner a lot of C&C.... I do like what you are doing with the Fleur de Lis....it looks good, the primary will be interesting to see.

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Love to get some more replies. I updated the Fleur de Lis as a secondary


Something to consider: Seems to me you could "hide" the old Igloo logo (or some nod to it) in the negative space near the lower right side of the fleur de lis. And then flip it and repeat on the left.

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