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Nike Football Gear in Eastbay


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So I just got my summer football themed eastbay and I was checking out the new gear and what not when I came upon the crazy nike ad that they always seem to have. It showed their new "pro combat" gear, basically just padded shorts and t-shirts, but it had well known nike sponsored schools modeling it (USC, OSU, UT, PSU, etc) and when they wore these pads they seemed to contrast the pants and "bleed" through to the other side, and on top of that an image of the schools logo can be seen through the pants. I'm sure this isn't really making much sense unless youre looking at it but I'll post a scan of it. Any idea if this is going to be a legit thing for schools, or possibly just like a march madness type nike deal that theyll wear during a special part of the season? Anyways heres the image.



Zoomed in to Models:


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I think (hope) they are just highlighting where the padding is and not wanting to do this to football pants.

Except that they're using team logos as part of the padding design. There would be much easier ways to just highlight the pad area.

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That's....messed up. Leave it to Nike to find new ways to ruin uniforms. In this case, with subtlety. Ugh.

It's a cool idea. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see these on the field, ESPECIALLY for my Nittany Lions.

But frankly, I never would've thought of something like that ever happening. You could do some cool things like that.

Again though, just because it CAN be done doesn't mean it should see field action. Two completely different issues.

And on edit, it's advertising UNDERWEAR with padding. So I'd assume that unless the actual game pants were going to be sublimated or whatever you want to call it, I think this is just for an ad.

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I really like this idea. The contrasting colors look terrible, but I think it looks great on the USC uniform with dark pants. The bumps on the front of thigh pads look ridiculously stupid anyway, yet thigh pads are pretty necessary. If it's gotta be there anyway, why not try to give it some aesthetic appeal?

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