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Ice Cats - Nehl Redesign Project


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Sterling has begun work as he mentioned in the Cougars thread.

Tell you guys what.......

I think I'll pull away from the Cougars work (while still waiting on bated breath for the pong from Ro) and start work on the Ice Cats.

I found a beautiful reference image by an artist named Terry Isaac entitled 'Watchful Eye' in one of my painting books that I just love. Not so much the pose or composition but the color palette. Snow leopards are white and black but retain some latent gold colors that I think I can work around.

I only even jumped in with the R/N/S mod because 1) Ro's concept was rockin and 2) it was very close to what I had sketched out before seeing it.

I am afraid to further mod that same one toward an ice cat, and risk dividing interest in something that isn't mine, and possibly submarining a solid Cougar in the process.

I'll get to work and keep you guys abreast.

The piece of art he is referencing is:


I, and I'm sure many others, are looking forward to what you come up with, Sterling!

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Yeah, its pretty awul. It's nice when an "artist" leaves you CSI style evidence of what they did.

1) Found clip art crap cat

2) Tried to wand out background, sloppily so. Missed some black on top of head

3) Found puck image, pasted it under mouth.

4) Drew in shards of ice that cat is breaking through.

Its awesome! Three different styles all in one!

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By now you all know sort of how I work. It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway...this concept is ROUGH. I myself could pick out a million things that need fixing. This doesn't mean you shouldn't point out one's YOU think need fixing. Just needed saying.

OK then, the overriding theme is sloppy. Lots of things are sloppy here. The text, the creature...all of it. But I design sort of how I sketch and there are likely to be numerous revisions trying to tighten her up. (Just remember how loose and crap the first Stampede was OK?) That painting I referenced, I haven't even begun to capture those types of fur effects and feel, but when I get to that, it should be nice. Obviously, lots of hazards going with a pattern-furred subject, combined with 3/4 perspective and my love of detail. This one will be a whale of an accomplishment if it ever gets perfected.

BUT.......I kind of like it and where it is going. One uses black, the other dark grey. One has golden eyes, the other icy. ONe has YORK vertically, which I think is quite cool and unusual and the other staggered weight on the text like rocks. I like something about all of these differences, so I've put them up for you guys to choose/weigh in on/comment/express a preference for or what have you.

Anyone wants to "pong" this and add their own touches, be my guest. But be forwarned, I'm still on it too :P and nowhere near done.



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Yeah, I can see what's sloppy on it... but still... :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:

You and Nitroseed are my gods. Everynight I pray to the design mecca that I could ever be half as good as you guys. Great work, man. My absolute best work looks like something the NEHL or ABA would use compared to the work that you guys do.

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My favorite of yours would have to be the icy eyes and the horizontal text for YORK. While the vertical idea was good, I think the horizontal just looks neater. The dark grey I also prefer over the black, I dont know what it is, it just looks better. I'd like to see a dark grey ice cat without the border and the horizontal text.

Seriously though, brilliant. Simply brilliant.

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Very nice start, Sterling. Now, what has "Uncle Brian" told you about starting out by referring to your own work as too busy? LOL Seriously, don't get in your own head.

I prefer the "icy Blue" eyes, the horizontal place-name and Black as oppsed to Grey. I don't think the detail is too much. It might be a bit busy, but then again, the Jacksonville Jaguars' logo features a spotted cat and it reproduces well when shrunken. I wouldn't want you to lose too much of that spotted pelt. The team name needs some work. I know what you're going for with the three-color letters (an "icy" effect), but it's a bit muddled. I LOVE the positioning/posture of the cat.

GREAT start!!!

Brian in Boston

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Thanks all.

I am sitting here, reading posts, staring at it.

I really think I can make it cleaner and easier to read and retain all the ferocity, texture and depth it has. Probably increase it. I will tone down the palette to maybe only five colors too.

Interesting that its sort of unconsciously moving toward a sharks palette though huh? Nummy.

I really enjoy the pose too. It's what I had in mind for the cougars but I got jumped so quickly by Nitro and Ro and their awesomeness. It's both aggressive in an about to pounce kind of way, and defensive in a back against the wall/ you'd better not come any further way.

V 2.0 coming shortly

PS - yeah the wordmark as of now is really hard to read. Last minute throw together, I'll make it n(ice).

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great rendering as always.. personally I don't like any of the grey versions.. they look just too washed out imo.

the head itself is really really really cool.. but there's something that I don't like about the posture.. It doesn't look normal and maybe a bit too defensive..

but I'm sure that you're taking note of all the criticism and let it flow into your work, so I can't wait to see the final version ;)

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