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Toronto Blue Jays Concept Uniforms...


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I'm gonna be the only one here to say this, but I don't like it. I feel that this is really ripping off the Orioles. Getting rid of the graphite overall is not a good move IMO. I love the graphie hats, I'm wearing one as I type this. The 3D looking script need to be brought back.

I think the Jays need only minor changes to their unis to make them look good. This is just too much for me, ESPECIALLY with the white BP hat with the old jays logo revival. I hate to be honest, but I think it's awful.

Sorry guys. I just don't think this works.

don't worry about it.

i don't think anyone has ever made a uniform design that everyone liked... i know this concept may be fairly popular, but i know for a fact it isn't perfect. everyone is entitled to their opinion.

and about the orioles thing, as i said, i'm not a big baseball fan to begin with... so if this looks like a ripoff of a team, i can honestly say it was unintentional. i'll go take a look at the orioles uniforms... because aside from colors and logo, i don't have any idea what they look like :)

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Well, it's about time I commented...

I'll be honest. I don't like this concept. It is a really well done concept that I don't like.

If they would have to use this latest identity scheme, I don't think it could be used much better than Cole's proposed. But it still thumbs it's nose at the Blue Jays' tradition, and as a fan, I'm very disappointed in that.

Anyway, outstanding concept, but I wouldn't want it on the field much more than the stuff they're planning on using as of 11:54 pm, Central, 3/28/04.

BTW, Winters, that comment made me laugh.

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