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Troy Hockey Concept.


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I remembered some Troy hockey concepts being posted here in previous years, and ever since then I've always wanted to try one out on my own. However, I hadn't done one because 1) I didn't have any that came to mind and 2) I was usually more preoccupied with other concepts.

So, I decided to start working on an idea that popped in my head yesterday. I was looking for something to pass the time on a slow Saturday, so I took the opportunity to work on these.

I concentrated on one main color palette: cardinal, black, and grey/silver. I thought that it would be best to use those colors since they are the official school colors. The only exception was the use of white on the light jersey. I used grey in the trim because I thought that it looked better than white on the drawings.

I based the designs off of the LA Kings (shoulders) and Vancouver Canucks (stripe arrangement). I used the center stripe from our football helmet as the basis for the striping on the sleeves and body.

I used the custom athletic font for the numbers and used the really narrow block letters for the name because I thought they went well together and looked real intimidating.

I made two versions of the black jersey because I couldn't decide which one looked better. So, here they are. Let me know what you think of them. Thanks.

Primary dark:




Alternate dark, version 1:


Alternate dark, version 2:


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Alright, here are the modified versions of the black alt per the suggestions of Jigga and Ben5.

Also, I made another version of the white jersey without the cardinal areas at the bottom of the jersey and the end of the sleeve. I made them just to see if it was any better than the original version

I made the stripes on the original jersey different from the dark jersey and added the cardinal areas on the sleeves and tail to balance out the cardinal shoulders. I was shooting for the Canucks look on the white jersey in terms of stripe pattern.

Also, when I was drawing the new versions of the black jersey, I became tempted to make some new versions of the cardinal and white jerseys with the sword on the shoulder instead of the Trojan head logo. But, I haven't decided whether or not I would do so.

Anyways, let me know what you all think of them. Thanks.




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I think the Trojan head logo is perfectly suited to be a hockey crest. Put the T-sword on the sleeves.

Agreed. Maybe on one of the alternates?

The jerseys look good. For the black jerseys, I prefer the one with the black shoulders with the red trim; the sword stands out much better than in the field of red. Very cool!

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