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Legal Question about Customization


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So I've registered for Zazzle.com to make customized items of sports logo work I have done. I was wondering what the limit on the NBA work I have done would be? Like could I use recolorings of current wordmarks or maybe slight edits to current logo work. I'm just not sure of how far I can step into the realm of work looking similar to NBA stuff used right now by the league. Another idea I had was to make player shirts of my International Nites project, but alot of those wordmarks use the same font and look very similar to current wordmarks in the league.

I know I can use work thats all mine, such as the Blazers project:


anyone who has come across this thing or know about it please let me know so I can customize until my heart's content ;) Thanks.

Also, for anyone wondering, HERE is the User Agreement for Zazzle.

ps: Barnes (if you still look around these parts), I saw that you have some work on there, so maybe you can shed some light? also, did you ever order and see the result of your submissions? I'd like to know how they come out in the end before sending away for something

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I once made a shirt there with "They're chocolate, they're peppermint, they're delicious!" on it, and I drew two Junior Mints basically how they appear on the box, and they didn't approve. So even though it wasn't the actual image, I got denied. On the other hand, I've seen blatant rips by others in the marketplace that apparently got through. So I'm not too certain myself on how they enforce things.

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I would try a local screenprinting place instead. When I was in band in high school the grade above me got about twenty green shirts with a hand-drawn Junior Mints logo printed for a thing called "Battle of the Classes"

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