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Philadelphia 76ers REBRAND


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My thoughts/vision of an update/return to the past...c&c welcome!


you both have awesome ideas here but I'd say this would work much better. dont get me wrong dbackdiehard. but what he has is pretty much if you put your script onto the ball.

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I don't think the fact that you don't know who he is diminishes his point-- you should've posted yours in another thread. This isn't 'post your ideas for a 76ers rebrand', he started the topic to get C+C on his concept.

Anyway, not digging the new logo so much. Right now it looks a little too microsoft-wordish, if you get what I'm saying. You could get rid of the grey outline around the 76, and putting the stars on top of that thick grey outline, with the additional blue after that, is a bit excessive... I think putting the stars around the outside of the blue circle without any additional outlines, sort of like how they're around the basketball in your first logo, would look better.

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Why no capital letters?

More importantly, why no shorts? I wanna see the whole package!

lol, i figured lowercase letters would be a unique look, and i liked the way they looked...

and the shorts are a work in progress, one step at a time...

what do you think of the package/jerseys so far?

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