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International soccer sigs, with clubs now


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So since international football (soccer) is in full swing, I decided to go make my second sig series.

The basic design is: team nickname with association name below on the left, crest on the right, and a simplified uniform design that the team currently has (i.e. USA has the gray/white stripes with a red separator, England has plain white shirts).

Requests are welcome, but I'll probably go ahead and make all the WC teams anyways, but if you'd like a specific one I can move that team up to the top of my list.

Here's the first batch.







EDIT: Decided to do clubs too, here's an example..


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Wow, these are really slick. Good job on these, and I especially love that you went with the Don't Tread on Me theme. Pretty great job on these, I'll definitely sport these come WC time.

But yeah, Oranje please. :P

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