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International soccer sigs, with clubs now


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Can I get...

"Light up the halo!"

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

"So. Cal. Hockey."

Anaheim Ducks (either the "D" logo or the logo full name with the oval behind it, whichever looks better)

We can only request two for now, right?

Also as a note,

Your sig for Arizona State with the "Fear the fork" says "United States Mens National Team" instead of "Arizona State"

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these are sweet. im gonna rock the DCU one you made for zersystem and the USMNT one, could you make a Washington Capitals one with the W-eagle logo and "Unleash the Fury" for hockey season? thanks!

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These are amazing!! I was waiting for you to come out with ones for other sports. Heck, I was even going to use the USMNT and COlumbus Crew ones even though I'm not a soccer fan!!

can I have a Georgia Tech one that says

"class of 2013." (with the period, without the quotes)

and a Philadelphia Eagles one that says

"fly, eagles fly!" (no quotes again)

thank you so much. they're awesome!!

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