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International soccer sigs, with clubs now


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Awesomely awesome awesomeness. It looks great, thank you! One minor thing...could you make the pinstripe to the left of "rockies" come down further, so it goes past "rockies" and stops above the team name? Other than that, it's beautiful :) .

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I'd like to make a few requests, too! I'm loving what you're doing!

#1 - Newark Industrials (Made-up team in a fictional league at another forum I'm at)

Logo - Badge

(For extra reference - Home Uniform)

Script - Either "Jersey's Finest," "The Indies," or, "Metal Hell", or you can put in your own quote, it's up to you.

I'll put in request #2 ASAP, but thanks in advance!

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These are class. I would like to trouble you for a Detroit Tigers one, using their primary, with the script saying "always a tiger", and a Michigan State Spartans one using their Spartan helmet logo and reading "united in green and white".


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