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Fort Worth COWS


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This.. monstrosity of a concept came about due to talk of the Phoenix Coyotes potential relocation.

The thought of the Coyotes being uprooted and dropped in Fort Worth, Texas was just something i couldn't resist making a few concepts for.

Here's the Primary:


I essentially took the Dallas Stars' old "Mooterus" and removed all the stars- and made it symmetrical.

then, i couldn't resist putting this idea onto some jerseys.

brace yourselves..


The Primary is there to the right - in between the road and home unis.

:lol: This was all done for fun, but tell me what you think!

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Some advice-- don't save your images as JPEG, as it compresses the image and kind of makes the colors murky.

Anyway, I like the home, but on the sway you may want to center the text because it looks very off balance.

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I applaud the effort, but this concept doesn't work for a few of reasons.

1) There is already an NHL team in Dallas, so another in that metro area is out of the question

2) The primary logo is a recycled version of the aforementioned DFW team, a logo that failed horribly in it's first attempt

3) The road jersey is the exact same as the Columbus Blue Jackets

4) A cow is a female bovine, and therefore wouldn't have horns like that

On the plus side, I do like the color scheme, I think it represents the team and the state well (as the Texans and Rangers prove). The redone mooterus looks much better than the original, but I don't think it would work for the reasons I mentioned before. The imbalance of the Fort Worth slanting text is a little confusing. Try making it all on one line perhaps?

For the sake of the concept I'd say stick with the Mooterus and the red/white/blue, but change the name, and come up with a more original jersey template.

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