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Nhl Division Champs Shirts


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They could've just made the Avalanche one before the season, dominating the division as they have. :D I kinda wish I had started collecting the Avalanche's Division Champs shirts since they first came to Denver. I'd have quite a collection.

Anyways -- I like those shirts alot. My favorite is the Sharks one is their colors rule the school.

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It's incredible how often the Avs come out on top, eh?

Nine years in a row, they've won their division.

The last year they were the Nordiques, they took the Northeast division.

Then, every year since then, they've won the Northwest.


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Philadelphia Flyers:


The Devils currently lead the Division, and depending on what happens tomorrow, they can win it, or Philly can. The division is still up for grabs.

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Well, it's official.

San Jose wins the Pacific.

Vancouver (!) has taken the Northwest.

Detroit is Central champ (and President's Trophy winners).

Tampa Bay locked in Southeast a while ago.

Philadelphia nabs the Atlantic.

Boston has the Northeast (dammit! so close!)

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