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Nashville 79ers


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^Ha. Well, I don't know what to say. The colors are hideous. The primary is way too basic. The secondary is messy and looks like an elementary school kid drew it. The tertiary has some potential, but it takes a second to realize that it is a wooden fence, add some detail and separate the flag a little from the wall, making it more noticeable. I would also suggest to add detail to the secondary.

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I'm gonna try to do this without coming off as a smart-ass:

The name is bad

The logos are terrible

The Font is ugly

The Colors are boring

You need to go back and re-think this whole thing. The only thing you need to retain from this is the team being based in Nashville. But if you can't think of a better name than 79ers, maybe you need to re-think that too.

Sorry, but you should have known you were gonna get cut to pieces on this thing.

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Here they are


they are called the 79ers, because Nashville was founded in 1779.

unis coming soon

c&c please

Is that a threat or a promise. I saw this at about 9am this morning and well I held my typing. I didn't want to be the first to offer some C&C.

But...this has nothing going for it. 76'ers and 49'ers are number names we know because they were historical national events. Also I think Nashville would try hard to distance them selves from the "country bumpkin" look.

Nashville Sounds could very well be a MLB sounding name. But if you want to start from scratch, you might want to hit file delete on this one.

Try doing some research on Nashville and pick a unique but relevant name.

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