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Best Division at _______ position


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This is something I've been thinking about for awhile, just curious what everyone else thought. When Brett Farve becomes the quarterback of the Vikings, although his best years are clearly behind him, the NFC North has gone from some terrible QB player in recent years, to one of the best divisons at the QB position (at least name wise...more on that later). But is it the best (probably not...but I haven't looked at it yet...)? What about other positions? Running backs, wide recievers, etc. When you watch your favorite team on sunday, will you be seeing the best at certain positions for 6 games a year?

Thought I'd start things off at the QB position since that's what started it for me. Feel free to say your thoughts or expand to other positions in this thread or others...

(projected starters or QBs of the future listed)

AFC East

Patriots: Tom Brady

Jets: Mark Sanchez (might not start for these purposes...he's on here)

Dolphins: Chad Pennington

Bills: Trent Edwards

AFC North

Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger

Ravens: Joe Flacco

Browns: Brady Quinn

Bengals: Carson Palmer

AFC South

Colts: Peyton Manning

Texans: Matt Shaub

Jaguars: David Garrard

Titans: Kerry Collins

AFC West:

Chargers: Phillip Rivers

Raiders: JaMarcus Russell

Chiefs: Matt Cassel

Broncos: Kyle Orton

NFC East

Giants: Eli Manning

Eagles: Donovan McNabb

Redskins: Jason Campbell

Cowboys: Tony Romo

NFC North:

Bears: Jay Cutler

Packers: Aaron Rodgers

Vikings: Brett Farve (Obviously not official...yet)

Lions: Matthew Stafford (might not start for these purposes...he's on here)

NFC South

Saints: Drew Brees

Panthers: Jake Delhomme

Falcons: Matt Ryan

Bucs: TBD

NFC West:

Rams: Marc Bulger

Seahawks: Matt Hasselback

49ers: TBD

Cardinals: Kurt Warner

Then adding up QB Ratings (not the best, but the easiest, for rookies I took their college QB ranking and cut it in half...):

AFC East (382.32)*Used Brady's 07 number

AFC West (352.6)

AFC South (349.6)

NFC South (348.6)*Used 80 for Bucs QBs

NFC East (348.5)

NFC North (337.57)

NFC West (332.6)*Used Hasselback's 07 number

AFC North (327.1)*Used Palmers 07 number, 80 for Quinn

As you can see, I was pretty far off with the NFC North, even with the additions of Cutler, Farve, and Stafford they still rank in the bottom half.

Anyway...interesting...let me know your thoughts and any other positions you'd like to break down by division!

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The AFC North may be a tough defensive division, but their QB quartet seems best to me. Pittsburgh has a QB that does the little things to win games (including two Super Bowls). Cincinnati has an All-Pro QB when he's not injured. Baltimore has a QB that won 2 playoff games in his rookie season. Cleveland has a QB that seems to have a lot of promise.

Here's how I rank them:

1. AFC North

2. NFC East

3. AFC South

4. NFC South

5. AFC East

6. NFC West

7. NFC North

8. AFC West

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Is this a list to help everyone create an opinion or are these your actual rankings?

I ask because Carson Palmer worse than Brady Quinn?! That's a laugh.

I don't think he's ranking the QB's in each division, but rather just listing them for reference.

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I agree that the AFC North has the best quarterbacks. Looking at the NFC East, I was surprised to find they were one of only two divisions (the other being the AFC North) that didn't have a dud at quarterback.

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