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Rebranding the MLB: Part 11


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Reworking the first 5 installments

What's up, it's almost been a month since part 10, and I'm moving on after my tweaks of the first 5.

So, a little preview of the next 10 concepts, I'm planning on doing a back-to-back bay area installment, I'm going to tackle a good amount of animal logos (not telling), I'm going to do a few much more traditional teams, and I'm thinking of doing a special release of three concepts at once.

Yeah, I know you're excited. Ok, the Mets are up. I had a hard time deciding on whether to release the Mets or the Nationals, but I decided the Nats might not be completely done, and I'm planning on tweaking them a little to a lot before they are done (well, they are never really done when I have you guys to comment on them).

I've been doing a lot of rendering of actual tangible mascots, but the Metropolitans are different. So, I used the same general theme as they have now...skyline, baseball, in a circle, but it has a much more old-timey feel, I used a old school serif in the middle, but the font base still has a slight modern twist. The cap logo matches that font (no mid-serifs because I thought it was too cluttered). The alternate is obviously the brooklyn bridge. One thing I haven't mentioned is the off-white color, I included it to change things up and to keep the retro theme going. The jerseys are pretty simple...I wanted to arrange it in a way that highlighted the orange when next to the blue.

Give me some feedback...I don't know if you guys are going to like it or not...it's not as big a departure from the norm as maybe you are used to, but I really didn't want to get too crazy. I'll make up for that when the Nationals roll around.

So, yeah, comments are welcome.



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I really like this. The scripts look a little off, on the New York script, it looks unbalanced. Like if you look at the K in York, it looks lower than the N in New. Other than that, I think this is perfect.

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This one needs work. First off, the METS wordmark gets lost in the primary logo. Enlarge it, break the circle for more interest. I'm also not fond of the way the city name reads on the primary. Right now, it reads "NEW NY YORK". The cap logo seems slapped together, the N and Y don't seem to relate to each other. Regarding the secondary, I'm not sure how appropriate it is to use the Brooklyn Bridge for a team from Queens. It seems that icon is best left for the Nets when they move. As josh mentioned the scripts seem off, like they are crooked. I recommend using the arc warp instead of the type on a path tool. I like the use of cream for the homes. Other than that, the uniforms are pretty standard. Personally, I think you can get more creative with them. Lastly, I'm pretty sure the numbers are the same font as the wordmark, but they aren't working IMO. I think a stylized block with the same "tuscanized/western" treatment would be better. Keep trying, I know you have it in you.

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Can't say I'm a fan, sorry. In the NY logo, the Y looks significantly smaller compared to the N, and in the alternate the transition from baseball laces to city skyline just looks off to me. I'd simplify it a bit, make the spokes in the wordmark less noticeable, and then you're talking.

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I like the secondary, and the primary has potential but it's not there yet. I would start with making 'METS" bigger in the primary. The 'spokes' you have poking out of the letters goes out a little too far, and it makes the numbers look way too bulky. I would try just an orange outline instead of white in between for the wordmarks. Taking the black out looks great for the alternate and BP, but the home and away uniforms look like they are in need of a 3rd color, and I don't think white is the answer. Other than that, it's pretty good.

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