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A different sort of trivia challenge.


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Believe it or not, there are 2 correct answers this time around.

  1. Wore blue breezers in 2009-10 - Nashville
  2. Currently no ECHL affiliate - Colorado
  3. Currently play home games in state/provincial capital - Columbus
  4. Have retired uniform #30 - Los Angeles
  5. Feature state/provincial flag on jersey - Calgary
  6. Have won the Avco World Cup - Phoenix (as Winnipeg Jets)
  7. Played at least one full home season in Canada - Detroit
  8. Once coached by Pat Quinn - Edmonton
  9. Have won the Stanley Cup multiple times - Chicago
  10. Arena hosted Olympic hockey tournament - Vancouver
  11. Participated in an expansion draft (since 1990) - Anaheim
  12. Has current AHL affiliate in Texas - Minnesota
  13. Have had a goaltender shoot and score a goal - San Jose
  14. Have worn yellow/gold sweaters - Dallas (as California Golden Seals)
  15. Featured Wayne Gretzky as a player - St. Louis

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