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I have a lot of tweaking left to do, but I hate the block looking "San Diego" on the road uni's Would like to see something like what I designed. It does take up space on the jersey, so I need to do more work, but If SF and LA can do scripts on the road, why not SD. Comments are appreciated and welcomed.



Thanks for looking,


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It's a good start. My only real concern is the 'wave' below the wordmark. It doesn't look as good when it's split up like that. It's an interesting look though.

Oh, and just in case you didn't know, the reason San Diego uses that script on the road is because that was actually the way they did it from 1973-1977. Back then they used a different home and away script too.

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The San Diego in that script looks like something you'd see on some cheap tourist t-shirt. Not that you didn't do an OK job with it, it's just the nature of their design. I'd recommend they not go with something like that on their road jersey.

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