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Bayou Semi-blowout


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the LSU one's been in the planning for a while, the Saints one slightly less. Had to make a few changes, to boot. maybe the LSU ones would look better in person...that, and i'd thought of using their 'eye of the tiger' but got lazy.

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1)Don't mess with LSU!!!

Their uni is essentially perfect as is-- if we can put a man on the moon we can find a way to get the UCLA/Colts stripes to go all the way around the arm.... Look is classic and unchanged since early 1970s, plus they just won a nat'l championship in those unis....

2) The Saints could use a minor tweakin' but not the wild far out look the Discrimihater put forth. Something more on the order of:

-- Adding a black-white-black stripe to the gold pants

-- ridding themselves of the black pants

-- wearing white jerseys/gold pants home and away, with gold jerseys/white pants in warm-weather situations when they can't wear white jerseys (at Tampa Bay or Carolina early in season), and black jerseys/gold pants as alternates in cold weather/indoor situations when they can't wear white jerseys.

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didn't have a tiger handy, otherwise i woulda basically kept the helmet intact. and i did keep the basic elements of the white jersey intact. for some reason their white jersey look doesn't translate well to the purple one imo.

anyways, i've made a slight change to the LSU helmet, using the 'tiger eye' that i originally wanted to put there. had to make it on the fly as i was too lazy to look for it.

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