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Stampede City FC concept


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Trying to get some feedback on the look of my MLS fantasy team for off these boards, but hoping to place them in the PLA if it ever starts back up. So I'm going to start by saying I had some help with the crest by Blitz who helped clean it up, and BMac who help with the lettering, so thanks to them for helping make my idea work.

The team is called Stampede City FC, and is based in my hometown of Calgary, Alberta. I wanted to try to have a classic western look without looking tacky, or using tuscan or western type fonts.

The crest is based off the Real crowned crests in Spain, but I replaced the crown with a white stetson which is an iconic symbol in Calgary. Then for the inside of the crest I have horizontal striping to reflect that the club's primary kit would always be red and white hoops. I also wanted to have both the bull and bronc present as they are the two staples of the rodeo. Then at the bottom is an 'SC' logo, which is a modified version of the Calgary Stampede logo that is seen all over the city during event.


Now for the kits. The big thing is I tried my best to make the kits look and have as much detail as I could using Paint. So you'll see lots of lighter or darker colored seams to try to create that, and that they're all based of actual Adidas templates not anything I've created. The club sponsor is Big Rock Breweries which based in Calgary.


The home kit is based of the FC Dallas template, with red and white hooped jersey, black shorts and all red socks.

Image Removed

The clash kit is the new Adidas Campeon template being used by Seattle Sounders FC, Liverpool and more. It's mostly white with red and black accents.

Image Removed

The third kit is my favorite. I changed the sponsor because the only team the club would have to use it against due to color similarity is based in France where alcohol advertising is banned in sports. So it's a charitable sponsor in the form of Parks Canada. It's also the Campeon template, the colors were chosen to reflect the mountains near Calgary. It's a light blue for the mountain lakes, shale for the mountains, and white accents for the snow.

Image Removed

So let me know what you think.

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i dont like the sponsor on the red jerseys, It kinda makes it look silly, other than that, very good.

How so? I'm just wondering if I need to tweak anything.

Think he means make it more noticable maybe try it in a light grey so it's dark enough to be seen on the white stripe.

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yeah what NEW.ERA.PANDA said

What do you guys think of adding a white outline as opposed to adding a new color and it won't show on the white anyway?

It would help on Big Rock maybe try make the bottom font bigger.

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So here's an update on the home kit. There's now a white outline on the rooster and Big Rock. To New.Era.Panda point of making the word brewery bigger, I don't think I will as it a direct trace of the logo they use so I don't want to change the proportions on it plus on a real sized jersey it would be pretty large anyway. Thanks to BMac who actually added the outline to the logo.

Image removed

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Updating this a bit, and looking for feedback. I've updated the templates to a current Adidas Template. The Home and Away jerseys are now on the same template that the Japanese and Argentinean national teams use. The third kit has remained the same with only a tweak to the crest. All three jerseys now also feature the "Unity" font that Adidas has rolled out for World Cup.


Updated to the new template with a simplified striping pattern. The back has the striping continue but now sublimated to conform with FIFA regulations.



Now with a simple red band across the chest, not much more to say about that



The biggest difference is I've tweaked the crest as many European teams do. I removed the stripes and matched the colors of the uniform.


Any feedback is welcome

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I just added two goalkeepers jerseys. The first is a tribute to the old Calgary Boomers using their old colors, and the alternate is based off the Jamaican national teams jersey. Why the Jamaican national team you ask. Well I couldn't find another mix that I liked that was drastically different from all the other teams in the league, and my starting goalkeeper is from the island nation. Both feature a sublimated bull on the back. C+C is welcome



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These are really good, the kits are very sharp and look awesome. The crest is very creative and I can tell you've put alot of work into this. I don't really have any complaints, great work!!

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I was asked on the weekend to make uniforms for one of the other teams in the league, even though they are my rival I took the opportunity to work on a new uniform supplier. So here they are, the team is called Olympic Vancouver FC and the uniforms are from Nike. The home kit is based off the Poland away jerseys, the away off the new Brazil home, and the alternate is based of the Belgian jerseys. I used the number font that Portugal uses currently (yes that's a lot of different countries), and agency for the names since the Canucks use the same font. The challenge for these was the "band-aids" that Nike is putting on their jerseys for the world cup, as well as the fact they seem to only have one short template. The crest was created by Logoman so I don't take credit for that, and the sponsors were picked by Dwertman.

Home - Dwertman wanted to have something different then mine since we have a national rivalry, so I went with the orange from the crest with black and white sleeves. I was thinking it could eventually create a look that is unique to them in the league much like Arsenal with the white sleeves on a red jersey. The socks are based off the new Portugal sock.


Road - I wanted to make as many of the Nike templates as possible for this project so I made the road jersey with the Brazilian template. I chose the black only because I didn't want yet another white away jersey, and the yellow looked horrible. The socks are using the template that Holland uses for their away jerseys, I thought it worked well because it creates a "V" for Vancouver.


Alternate - This is probably my favorite jersey I've ever made. Those of you who hate the Seahawks alternate will probably not enjoy these. I used the color palette that was used for the Vancouver Olympics, I found the official pantones in a PDF and wanted to use them for a project and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. The colors I used they designated as Fern, Chill and Deep Sea. I re-colored the crest for both the jersey and shorts so it would not stick out as much. These socks are the only ones that aren't based off a real template as I didn't like the look of any of the current ones with this set


Feedback is appreciated - also post #1,750

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I'm really liking this Vancouver set. The colors are good together and have a very nice look about them, especially that alternate, it is definetely one of the coolest soccer kits i've ever seen. Great job!

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