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**It's Back** College Football Uniform Overhaul

Brave-Bird 08

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North Carolina State

NC State went from having Atlanta Falcon copies to really bland uniforms that are even made worse with that bulky chest logo. The NCS logo also just doesnt look good in my mind with all of that black. I redesigned the NCS logo to fit more into my scheme of things...it looks a bit more timeless. The primary logo is implied to be that awesome wolfpack logo... so I went ahead and traced that to use as the logo on my concepts...however, decided it really isnt a good logo to go on a uniform.

The uniform is strictly red and white, however is hopefully very removed from the boring look they had this past year. Hope you like!



I'm really liking what you are doing with this set. My only gripe is in the side detail. Why is it curved? Is that to reflect the template or is it an aspect of the design?

Basically to reflect the template

Alright, Why not make it straight though? Like what you did with Miami?

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Personally, I like the striping to be curved on NC St. (Great job with them BTW).

I think it looks nice too, just on the side detail part it makes it look like the jersey is cut for a women and not an NCAA d1 football player. Maybe its just me...

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Georgia Tech

This concept is officially the one I had the most fun with so far. I could not wait to restore one of the best looks in college football after that catastrophe last year. I went from the mustardy flat gold to the metallic gold, went back to a similar look from the 2000's...and added a lot of elements that were not present back then.

First, I made it my number one goal to create a consistent color scheme. No more yellow and black logo's...I switched the primary to gold and navy. Secondly, I went back to the older look...but with some modifications. Tech had white stripes above the blue cuffs, but I thought they made the jersey look bad. White stripes on gold just does not work...so I went for a simple, stripeless jersey. The pants are similar to what they wore a few years ago as well, except I droped the white lines for a simple triple stripe look. I added a white helmet...not as a throwback, but as a home alternate. The numbers on the gold jerseys are now white instead of blue, b/c that matches up with the gold helmet better. I also wanted to keep chest wordmark off the jerseys... except for the last one :D - hope you enjoy!!

**THERE ARE FIVE SETS, 2 POSTS** ...oh, and I made them Nike on purpose





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For Kansas I wanted to move away from the gray. I have no idea why they have a gray facemask and pants, but they look like a really bad attempt at mocking the NY Giants. Here is my fix...a modern jersey that is stricly blue, red, and white. It is inspired by the basketball jerseys Kansas wore during their national championship in 2008. I know...two sets of white pants again, but I figured teams buy 3 pairs of pants all the time...so it is less unpractical than I originally thought.




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Very nice work with GT. I love how they have a simple but original look to them. Those gold jerseys are awesome! Also, what's with the 'Ramblin' Wreck' alternate? Haha

Kansas, WOW! this looks so great. It looks perfect, and the striping is kinda like an ode to their basketball team.

Great job on these

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Very nice work with GT. I love how they have a simple but original look to them. Those gold jerseys are awesome! Also, what's with the 'Ramblin' Wreck' alternate? Haha

Kansas, WOW! this looks so great. It looks perfect, and the striping is kinda like an ode to their basketball team.

Great job on these

Why not?! Tech has essentially two official nickanames...Yellow Jackets, and Ramblin Wreck. My logic was...since the jersey is not gold and therefore does not really imply Yellow Jackets....why not add Ramblin Wreck to it to give it some personality??

Think about it...Tech could have a white out and a Ramblin Wreck out! (navy blue fans?? dunno how Tech fans would feel about that...but again, that was my logic behind that)

Just a fun set that is loaded with tradition and progression

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I'm not a fan of Utah's current "just put piping and striping in random places" template. The random stuff under the arm pit and the collar fangs really bug me.

Now, for starters I also wanted to do an updated logo. I redesigned the "U", as well as touched up the feathers. I used that U to create a new wordmark, which is seen on the uniforms.

Okay...Here is where we all need to breathe...Open up our minds a bit! :D ... When I think Utah Utes, I think native Americans of course. When I think Native Americans, I think of really really elaborate clothing..

Hence, my concept. This is by far the craziest concept I've done...which I'm sure will greatly contrast my Tech concept. I figure people might not be ready for this, but I also figure after you look at it for a while...you get a feel of that Native American, Ute...type of theme.




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Small note, but I wanted to mention that your placement of manufacturers logos are backwards. Under Armour and Nike displays their logos on the left side of the jersey and right leg.

Nice catch, I think I stated earlier in the thread that my knowledge of actual manufacturer tendencies is a bit foggy... but I'll keep that in mind with my next concepts.

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Cincy's uniforms are a mess. I figured their logos and script, as well of the colors really do a good job of making a good uniform on their own...extra mess just kills it all.

I outlined the numerals, simplified the design big time, however...used those cool Cat eyes as a "Bumper sticker"...thats right, a completely black sticker to cover the whole bumper! Don't know how that would translate in real life...but I thought it would be a cool idea.




Hope you like! Here come the Ducks!...however, more comments on the last 5 sets would be nice

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Man you are doing so many cool things in this series. I have enjoyed the whole thing, even if you arn't getting the comments you want keep going you are doing great work and you have some neat ideas. A+ in my books

Just wanted to echo this statement. youve done a great job and every one of these looks nice, clean, and professianal. keep it up


---Owner of the NHA's Philadelphia Quakers, the UBA's Chicago Skyliners, and the CFA's Portland Beavers (2010 CFA2 Champions)---

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And now the moment you all...or, well most of you...have probably been waiting for. The Ducks of Oregon are on the clock!

I went in a direction here I think a lot of you guys will be suprised with. I did not drop the shoulder wings, or the crazy font, but I can assure you that this set is superior to the one they have recently revealed...let me explain.

1) I simplified the wing pattern a tad by removing the excess stuff on the inside of the wing pattern.

2) It is implied with this design that the fabric used will actually reflect light...oh, and also ... ACTUALLY FIT!

3) I wanted to also simplify the combinations. I hate when they use black with the green and the gold.

4) On the green, yellow, and white jerseys... I did not want silver numbers... that could wait...and youll see

5) I sublimated the wing design instead of making it that metallic fabric...much like Cal did with the bear claws...but maybe a bit more of a difference in shade so it is more visible...except on the yellow jersey I made it green.

6) I like the fact Oregon uses silver...just in moderation.

7) and finally, the 5th set is inspired by the blackout uniforms they wore in 2008, why? I know people always say, they are green and yellow...not black, but who is to tell a program what their colors are?? I wanted black to stay out of the regular set...but be used exclusively for ONE home game. I added some extra flair to give it that Nike-esque character...the chest wordmark reads "The Zoo" b/c the stadium is infamously known as the Autzen Zoo. I also put "Go Ducks" on the side of the pants.

Overall, we have 2 helmets, 4 jerseys, 4 pants...but I wanted to make the black jersey and black pants stand alones

so... in total, there are 2 x 3 x 3 = 12 + the "Blackout Uniform" = 13 uniform combinations. That is a whole seasons worth, and plenty enough.






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