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Chargers 50th Anniversary Uni Slideshow


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Sorry if this has been posted but the Chargers' website has a fantastic 50th anniversary slideshow of what looks like a news conference showing off the throwback unis to be worn this year. Among the items shown are the full (jerseys and pants) home and away throwbacks (wrong shade of blue and all), every helmet they've ever worn, and side-by-side shots of Chargers cheerleaders, one in the current outfit and one in a throwback. If anything shows how things have changed in 50 years, that may be it. B)

The road throwbacks are as gorgeous as the homes are, and I didn't realize the Chargers had worn so many helmets.

Chargers Slideshow

Road throwbacks - WOW! (except for the stupid Reebok logo)


We'll see these opening weekend, 9/14 on MNF at Oakland.

(BTW, these jerseys are proof that the Colts, Jets, et. al. COULD do a full shoulder stripe if they so desired.)

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