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Cincinnati Railraiders


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I had this one on the backburner for a while, now I present it. The Railraiders, ladies and gents.


tonight's synopsis is pretty basic...

home and away: instead of normal striping, I went with train tracks on the sleeves and hem.

alternate: based on the signs you always see at railroad crossings.

Comment or die.

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I don't plan on dying, so:

I really like this. As far as minor league hockey, this looks good and fits right into the feel. The stripes being tracks is gimmicky and fun. The color combination is fairly dark, but I like these two colors together as dark color combinations go. On the alternate, I'd make two little changes. 1) I would move the secondary logo off of the "lower stomach" and put it somewhere else (be that on the shoulders or on the bottom of the sleeves or somewhere else). The two X shapes seem a little redundant to me. 2) In the bigger X, I would change the city name so that each letter is horizontally oriented and then arranged so that they spelled "Cincinnati" diagonally. (i.e. like Pittsburgh or Colorado had/have theirs.) Done that way, it seems more traditional-hockey. (Saying that, I do realize that you're going against tradition. I guess it would appeal to me more done the more traditional way.)

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