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Need help with name for new company


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So I am in the process of starting a skateboard company that also designs clothes. But I am stuck on a name. I want something short and easy to remember, but is also catchy. Any ideas you guys could throw out would be greatly appreciated.

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How about Chuck?

Is a cool skate/surf type name, similar to huck... catchy t shirt, ad slogans "chuck it.." :o)

one problem is that it may infringe the Barfoot brand perhaps?


My intellectual property can be bought for a tee or a deck :o)

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What type of boards are you manufacturing? Do your boards have a lot of pop? Are they made for hills or ramps? What is your target demographic?

I'd stay away from anything related to the lingo of the culture, they sometimes sound a bit too cheesy.

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Just a list of ideas for alternatives. Skateboard slang (dunno if any of these are already branded). most of which you probably already know- mostly I'm defining them for non-skaters.

Mongo- to push off with the opposite foot; it's also the name of Ming the Merciless's planet in Flash Gordon so you could have a 1950's-esque space logo

Vert (or Vertical)- the act of skating in a park

Slaughter- to bust a trick; logo could have a blood spatter to suggest an injury sustained from stuntwork OR an actual slaughter

Ledge- Concrete for grinding

Rail- Metal for grinding

Dirtpile- the act of doing something forbidden

Shred- to do something well

Radical/Hammmer/Banger- all words referring to an excellent execution of tricks or show of skill

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So right now the front runner is Axel, but I don't wnat to hurry into a name before I'm sure thats the one I wnat. So, keep throwing out ideas. Here's the names at the top of my list right now.




King Rail



I'd like to hear what you guys think about the list and if you have any other ideas. I really appreciate the help guys.

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You an Avril Lavigne fan? sk8rboi, perhaps? :D

I don't know if this is sk8erboi lingo or not, but I've heard the phrase "hang ten" tossed around amongst those who ride boards. Would that work?

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Because I really like birds, naturally I would go with King Rail... but, keep in mind if you go with that that a King Rail isn't a typically 'cool' bird like a hawk or falcon or something; it's a silly, cute waterbird. Of course, you could use it effectively as a symbol/logo whatever, but if that is not the direction you're going for you may not want to use it.

Here's a reference pic.


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