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ncaa 10 freakout

Brave-Bird 08

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Good, bad, or ugly as the numbers are, it's still pretty shameful if they actually don't have them. It's surprising because I remember in Create-a-School from previous years that having helmet numbers like that is a uniform option. But, who cares how they look? It's about accuracy, and an oversight of this magnitude is embarrassing.

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Over on OperationSports, EA developers claim that they can't put numbers on the helmets because of a frame-rate issue during gameplay. EA is well aware of the problem.

But being the only game in town, they're not in a hurry to fix said problem.

I stopped playing this series when they got rid of the create-a-team feature and bought this game the day it came out. I can deal with some inaccuracies, I don't expect perfection from every game I play, but why is it that Northern Illinois is accurate down to their damn marching band, but Miami-OH's and Kent State's Stadiums aren't even close to being right? Why does no marching band play the teams' fight songs? ... Because EA has no competition, so they can do whatever the hell they want. Release a game full of bugs and problems, absolutely. We, the general public, are still going to buy the game because what other choice do we have? Not play a college football game?

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