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Interesting Umpire Attire


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While watching a highlight package of Jim Rice on TWiB today I noticed an umpire wearing something very odd in a shot from the late 1970s (they were talking about 1978 while showing the clip)... I grabbed a screenshot:


Any ideas on what's the story here? Is this even an umpire?

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Offhand, it could be a case of lost luggage. I've seen many instances of the home team having to provide a makeshift "uniform" set to the crew if the luggage was either lost, or just otherwise did not arrive at the stadium. And some of these cases, the clothing has consisted of grounds crew t-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, and even BP hats.

EDIT: found a UniWatch article on this specific phenomenon, although it does not go back to the 1970's http://www.uniwatchblog.com/?p=77

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