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Goal.com logo design winner announced.

Sport Billy

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Here is the winning entry:


Here are the designs:


Here is the article:


Personally, I like it, but I'm surprised they didn't go with something more soccer oriented.


Has a World Cup/Firefox feel to it

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Just because I'm extremely bored:

Best to worst:

1. 13

2. 14

3. 19

4. 21

5. 02

6. 04

7. 07

8. 18

9. 08

10. 09

11. 01

12. 03

13. 05

14. 20

15. 06

16. 17

17. 15

18. 10

19. 16

20. 11

I really don't know where to place #12. It's a nice logo, but for a site called "goal.com", I'd throw in a soccer ball of some sort.

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Well, it certainly saying something that they pretty much picked the only one that didn't look like a ball of some sort. Interesting. I don't like it and I think there are easily "better" choices, but they picked what they picked and they probably won't change any time soon.

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