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Nole Rebrands the NFL


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indianapolis colts

houston texans


jacksonville jaguars



baltimore ravens

cleveland browns

cincinnati bengals




san diego chargers

kansan city chiefs


new york giants

philadelphia eagles

washington redskins

dallas cowboys


tampa bay buccaneers

new orleans saints

atlanta falcons

carolina panthers


green bay packers

chicago bears

minnesota vikings

detroit lions




st louis rams

san francisco 49ers

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Make the helmets silver and this is a definite winner.

I don't see silver anywhere, so I don't think this concept needs a silver helmet.

I like this very much. I would much rather have them use these colors. Good job and I have liked all the other concepts in this series.

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winner, winner, chicken dinner.

i dont comment on bits like this often, but that looks ace.

at the expense of upsetting the nfl purists, i reckon you could use the

new navy and a green somewhere between their lime and the lighter of the

blue/greens with white?

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Although I don't mind these uniforms, I guess I would be one of the few in the camp that likes the current color scheme. The Seattle Blue that the team currently uses is not only unique in the NFL (and probably any other sport), but I also think it really characterizes the Pacific Northwest and more specifically Seattle, being a grey and rainy city. What better to add some pop in there than a little neon green subtly used.

My two cents would be to go with what you have drawn up but in the current blue/grey (Seattle Blue) - neon green color scheme.

A couple other things. I know you indicated you would fix the logo wrap around, but I also think the logo needs to be angled up a bit. I am definitely on board with leaving the silver out, not needed, but the white helmet seems dull and boring to me. Would it work in one of the other two colors or with some sort of striping?

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While I'm not entirely on board with the actual design of the uniform (and I think it may have to do with that stripe/collar treatment, or maybe perhaps, as Greg mentioned above, too much white), i will say that I love the color usage.

Some team, in one of the major four pro sports, seriously needs to bring this color scheme back to the forefront. Pure blue and straight green have a place in the sports landscape.

EDIT: Just realized the Vancouver Canucks do use the scheme now. But, in my defense, I did mention "bring back to the forefront"...

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Wow, I'm usually not a huge fan of many Seahawks concepts, especially ones that ditch the slate, but you did a great job! I'm not sure what it is, but I am madly in love with the wordmarks. I just really like the consistent striping between the logos and the uniform. Overall this has a very retro yet modern feel, and I love it.

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I'm in the boat that says make the helmets and home pants silver and you have a perfect concept. It's okay if there isnt much silver anywhere on the logos and such - there wasnt any before either. So i still think silver helmets and pants would work.

GREAT JOB with the overall design, the numbers, wordmark, logo, striping - everything works together perfectly and fluidly. Wonderful job, keep these concepts coming. Im excited to see who you tackle next!

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Thanks for the comments.

Quick update here-- I just tried out a couple of color schemes and would like some feedback before I post the finalized version... with regards to the too much white concerns, option one is simply the current set with a blue helmet. Option two has the classic Seahawks colors, with silver included. Option 3 has their current colors, and option 4 was inspired by davidson's suggestion to use navy and a compromised green. However I found the navy was a tad too dark for my tastes, so I lightened it up a bit, so it is basically between Seahawks Blue and Navy.


All comments are appreciated! Also, if you have any suggestions for the next team I'm open, though I'm leaning towards the Jets to complete the AFC East.

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Options 1 and 4 are by far the best. The white in option 2 looks out of place, and option 3 is too dull. Option 1 still looks the best because it is so unique. My suggestion would be either to a) make the stripes go up the entire leg or B) make the pants stripe cut-off more streamlined, right now it is more abrupt and random and the cut-off doesn't do much for me. I would go for a full stripe personally.

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3 and 4 are the best with 3 winning out for me as it retains the current color scheme but not SOOO much of the slate or Seahawk blue . Brighten up the green just a tad and don't have the stripes actually meet up on the back of the helmet.

Also, have you thought about some sort of a secondary logo to put above the striping on the pants? That area just looks like it's missing something.

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I'm really torn about those options. I actually really liked the original white helmet (the road set with blue pants looked exceptionally nice), but I've never been fond of that darker green. I do like the old school colors, but it's probably more nostalgia that anything else. I think in general, I like number 3 the best, but I don't like the "slate pants." Also, I think some thin white stripes on the sleeves (like in the logo) would help un-muddy the interaction between the two blues. But then, that might look too busy. It's hard to say.

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What about gunmetal blue (is that the same thing as Seahawks blue?), silver and your compromised green? That'd seem to me to be a logical update from their original colors while not being obnoxious and having two fairly similar shades of blue (like they have now in reality). Put a silver helmet and pants with a gunmetal blue jersey for that set, and it would look good.

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Well, I was hoping there would be a concensus favorite when I posted the options... but I got recommended to keep each scheme, so I had to make the call myself :P I went with the royal and green-- I just love the color combo, and it's basically unused. About the gunmetal blue question, I tried that but Gunmetal is a very dull metallic sort of blue and mixed with silver is just really drab and doesn't really work.

A couple of other changes in this set: fixed the wrap around, made the jersey wordmarks one color as the two tone didn't work at that really small size, and changed the pant stripes-- they are more consistent and hopefully less abrupt in ending. I made them upside-down in the first place to differentiate the stripes from Buffalo's, but they aren't really similar so it's not a big deal. Also, something that I hope the real Seahawks never attempt, a green alternate!


And as a little preview... here's a (very rough) Cardinals logo I'm working on.


I'm thinking about adding copper to their set... thoughts?

All C+C is welcome.

Also, I think I'm going to start using Davidson's wonderful template, though I'm still trying to figure everything out.

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