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Photo Realistic Football Template


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on the back of a recent template i made for a rugby project, i had the idea to make a photographic football template. i thought id give you some early shots. its not quite done yet, but when it is i will make it available for a short period for those quick enough to nab it. its incredibly simple to use, i will post some screenies of how it works shortly.

there are a number of layers that act as shadow, light and reflective passes, with a layer for colour underneath. this gives you the ability to paint any colour or shade into the template and have it look reasonably lifelike.

essentially tho, you just have fields to fill for each section: jersey, pants helmet, face guard, socks etc. any other graphic elements you wish to add, you simply have to draw them in as you would any other template.

here are some shots. excuse the funky colours, i chose them to illustrate how each part looks using different tones. dark, mid and light.




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ta cuz, i have a bit of extra time on my hands at the moment (a project at work is actually going well for a change!)

right, if you cant wait, or you want to make your own for another sport this is how you do it.

here are the layers and which transfer mode you need for each. they sit in order top to bottom as follows.

right, first off you need your template. its needs to be white ideally. this takes the most time as there is plenty

of stuff on a football uniform to paint out lots of textures to try and match. you also want it as large as possible.

around 2000 px tall. i used this image:


unfortunately, he is cropped so i had to change his feet for some others, get rid of his four and make his socks white.

once thats done, you cut out the parts of the uniform you want to be constant, arms, straps, shoes etc etc.

you cant see in this obviously, but there is an alpha layer so the rest of the template shows through. this layer remains

on normal transparency.


next you have your uniform, you can be rough with the sections you dont need from the section above.

this layer you flatten with black and multiply. this allows you to not be bothered about overspill on your design layers.


next up, is your reflection, these give your helmet and shoulders a bit of a shine (this is incomplete at present as i will

add a reflection to the helmet in a later template). this layer you need to 'screen' over the others.


next are your highlight and lowlight layers, these give your jersey and pants some depth and a bit of texture.

they are both 'overlayed'.





finally is your design. as you can see, its very very simple, you just create what looks like a colour map, the other layers

do all the work for you. you dont even need to worry about your edges, the black blocks them.


so there you go, feel free to take a crack at some other sports if you fancy.

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the only (VERY SMALL) issue with these I see is that all the numbering/design elements will look screened on, rather than embroidered. For instance you can still see where the jersey mesh is underneath your numbering.

I'm nitpicking, i know.

Fantastic work and a great tutorial to boot!

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Oh, wow, that looks brilliant! (Love the cheetah logo, BTW.) I'll be looking forward to this template.

Will it be a Photoshop template, or something that can be vectorized for use in Illustrator?

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Oh...my god. You're the sickest man on the planet, and by sick I mean the slang version of amazing.

I really hope you have this for Illustrator, I think I may scream like a little girl and wag my hands in the air once I get this template.

Replace "yahtzee" with "Photorealistic football template!!!"


Slightly OT: Did you ever release that one action football template you made a while back?

Edit: and one suggestion: maybe blur the edges just a tiny bit, where the black and jersey meet it looks really sharp.

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I'd like to get the finished template for this, if for nothing else than to study and learn.


which brings me to a question...can you make this for a bball template? or shall I study your work and make a shoddy representation for bball?

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Davidson, man that looks awesome! I know what I'm going to be trying to do tomorrow! And I mean trying as I doubt I'll get it that tight. Will certainly be keeping my eyes peeled for this template when it's done as like others have said I'm sure I could learn an awful lot just from seeing how it's put together. Thanks for sharing!


ps. Loving version 3 of the Cheetas concept, it's got a serious Amsterdam Admirals vibe about it! Man I miss NFLE the football was dire at times but the parties rocked! haha

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