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Colorado Rockies Purple Vest Uniforms and Mountain Hat


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I like this too. Not sure if you intentionally did this but their script should be curved. Other than than that, love the hat, love the purple. Maybe consider using a new template it's kinda messy

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love it, but the hat might be too minor-leagueish. i do like the hat though and PURPLE !!! when was the last time they wore purple?
I don't know I have seen purple hats with the 07 WS logo on it, but the jerseys that are purple I don't know...at least 2 years cause I don't remember seeing them last year.

They last wore the purple jersey (aka the best alternate in baseball) in 2007 - it's been out of the rotation since. I asked Bill Geivett (one of the Rockies FO staff) about the jersey, and he said that it's not officially retired, but "the team has no plans to wear it anytime soon".

As for your concept, it's awesome. Strangely enough, it combines two different things that I've been thinking about for a long time: purple vest jersey and mountains on the cap. If I was more artistically inclined, I would've come up with this same concept a long time ago :P . I actually think I mentioned the mountains on the cap on here (either here or over on Purple Row) and someone chided me saying that it'd look like the Coors Light logo. If it was done right, though, I think that it'd really work as a great cap brand for the team - if there was one thing I would change about their current identity, it's the CR logo, which has never "done it" for me. A mountain design on the hat would really help the team's image in my opinion.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, great job. The script does need to be arched and the MLB logo on the back seems a little big. Other than that, it's awesome.

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