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Hey Oddball.... So to be the 97,423 person to ask you this. Could you PLEASE send the .ai or .eps to mrswinden@hotmail.com

Thanks so much! You are the man (or perhaps the woman just in case you aren't a dude.... don't want to offend the person who may potentially solve my problem).

lol Sure can.

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On January 2, 2010 at 5:05 PM, worcat said:

After reading this amazing thread, all I have to say is wow! I didn't know so many people actually remembered so much about the Duck movies. I always imagined that they would have made a D4. Maybe with Charlie going to the NHL or even coaching a new group of under age kids. What else is Josh Jackson doing these days? If you ask me, it'd be a great way to incorporate the previous generation of fans with an entire new generation. It might actually bring new fans to the game instead of scare off kids (i.e. the Tooth Fairy featuring the ROCK! People's Elbow at center ice???!). I'd love to see a D4 made and wrap up the series. I know it'd be extremely cheesy but I think we're owed as fans. I don't know if it'd be a better story scenario, imagine Charlie sitting at the draft. Ducks have the #2 pick, instead he gets picked #1 by the Wild. "I'm a duck for life, i'm holding out" lmao. Movie would be golden!

The only player on the team who had any NHL potential was Banks. Julie the Cat and Connie could've potentially played in the Olympics. 


I'd rather see Charlie coaching a new generation of Ducks, some of whom are kids of the original players. Maybe Charlie is coaching in the minor leagues, but after his team blows a big lead in the playoffs and loses he's fired. Bombay, playing the Hans role, convinces him to return to District Five to learn how to win and love hockey again. He could also convince a couple former Ducks to be assistant coaches. 

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On 5/2/2010 at 1:54 AM, Me Gusta Guster said:

You know it, I know it, and everyone here knows it. Jesse Hall was a cake eater and that's why he didn't go to Eden.

(I seem to remember in the movie they mentioned the Hall family moved.)

Didn't they move back to West Philadelphia where he was born and raised?


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While everyone loves the tie-dye T&T uniforms from D2, I decided to try and get better looks at some of the opponents from the 1st Mighty Ducks. Other than the Cardinals the logos are terrible, but I don't mind the designs (although it must get confusing when the Flames and Hornets play each other).





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In D2, one of the members of the Hawks wears a Starter snapback that is never seen in the first movie. My buddies and I always joked about wanting one, so I finally got it done a while back. We all prefer wearing 5950 caps, so we did it in that style. It got so popular that I made a Minnehaha "Minnesota" Waves hat as well. 

I don't have any for sale unfortunately, except for one 7 1/2 Waves left over. To create an order it requires 18 hats. 



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That's great!



AK's new styles added for this season include the green Ducks jersey from the movie. Any team that comes in my shop looking for a new set in green I've tried to push towards these but no takers as of yet. Given that we've got a twill cutter now, I'd just need an accurate logo and a good look at the font and could probably make some pretty accurate movie jerseys. 

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