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New Baseball Template


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Alright, so I was looking for a good template on the svg movement thread(cause I made the switch to inkscape), and came across elliot's old football template. I made a quick concept for my MiLF team.


Personally, I like all my templates to be similar. So I decided to try and make a template similar to the one above, but for baseball. I toyed with it, and came out with a template I thought was pretty good. Here's what I came out with...


And here it is put to use.


So what do you all think? Any C&C?

Do you guys think that the sleeve should be moved to closer to the chest part?

I plan to make these for other sports if you're interested.

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I like it however he looks as though he's leaning forward a bit, like he's off balance. I think if you fixed the bend at the knees it would be improved.

Presumably you are going to make a higher-resolution version?

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Alright, trying to address the leaning problem, and sleeves, how's this?


Nole, I have this template .svg, this is just the product that came out when I exported in bitmap.

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Just one last example concept. I used my template for a fantasy team called the Orlando Juicers(You know... because of orange juice.)


Showing some things you can do, like having double piping, and a bp jersey. Not sure why it looks kinda messy. It looks great as an svg, but when I transfer to a png, it comes out like that.

If you want it, pm me your email. Brave-Bird already did, haha.

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Maybe try saving as gif? I save everything as gif, it works well with vector, of course, I don't know if inkscape has that feature, but it probably does.

Thanks for the recognition but it isn't actually my template, it belongs to MattMillone(doosh), I just converted it from psd to ai.

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