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The wildest football uniforms you never saw


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Found these beauties in a 1960-61 Wilson catalog:


The uni on the left has a battleship camouflage effect that breaks up the line of the arm. The one on the right looks like something the French infantry might have worn in the 1870s.

If anybody knows of a team at any level that used these, let us know.

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Steelers throwback from 1994...just ridiculous...reminds you of a socceru ni

And I presume you mean "ridiculous" in a good way, right? ;)

To the original poster...please just go ahead and change the name of this thread to "wildest football uniforms you can think of". Most people aren't even going to pay close enough attention to the title to see that it says "never saw" rather than "ever saw"...and then about two pages into this thread, someone's going to post a picture of the Arizona Cardinals or Minnesota Vikings, calling them "wild".

It's going to happen. It's inevitable. It always happens with these types of threads.

(Doesn't mean it won't net some interesting photos to look at though...if that helps anything.)

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Did anyone see the new Oregon Ducks unis? Now they look like mechanical fowler..


Please tell me this is really ugly? stripes mixing with the letter "M?"


Aww, look BYU wearing a bibs! lol


Football or Power Rangers?


Dallas Knights


All I can say is... Ick...


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Wow!!!! Can I just say that if I were a HS recruit, Oregon could not pay me enough to get me to go there and wear those monstrosities. Wow! I am guessing that the folks at NIKE are making really good use of whatever narcotics & hallucinogens they are on because no sober or sane people would design uniforms to look like that.

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I think the WFL initially had the craziest uniforms. Apparently they thought the fans were pretty stoopid, so they had different positions wear different pants...regardless of whether they fit in with the team's color scheme. Uniwatch has some photos at LINKY:



That actually was only a proposal. There is film of some WFL players on the field in the uni pants, but it was for demonstration purposes. They never went through with it in an actual game.

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