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Wheeler Nailers' new 2009-2010 jerseys


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Has any other ECHL team used their AHL affiliate as a shoulder patch before?

Uh AHL? All I see is NHL ones..

Yes, the Reading Royals:


Trenton Devils, I guess it count since they are the farm team of New Jersey Devils..


South Carolina Stingrays, I saw one jersey with the Washington Capitals.. I can't find it.. hmm. An alternative? Or maybe I got mixed up with the Hershey Bears..

Would be nice if the Las Vegas Wranglers change there hidious jersey back to the red and black alternative... The Black and white with a poker chip look bland and nothing to do with the Wrangler Mascot.. But, I thought it is cool to have a patch of the NHL affiliate on the minor jerseys since it really show that they are part of it and prides to the team.. I was at a Wrangler game and I see a Calgary Flames logos on the ice.. It would look awesome to see a Flame on the shoulder patch of the jersey like the Wheelers doing, Trenton, and Royals..

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Look like the Nailers is going to show their proud affiliation to the Pittsburgh Penguins.. Probably did this after the Stanley Cup.. lol

Nah, they've been doing that for at least a couple of years now.

Here are some pics from last season (links to articles instead of direct links to the pics unfortunately).

Left shoulder, AHL affiliate Wilkes-Barre:


Right shoulder, Pittsburgh logo:


They also had a gold third jersey with "Nailers" diagonally down the front, with their own logo on the shoulders instead.

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