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Boston/New England Patriots - "Pat Patriot"


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Well, kinda. :D

If the Dolphins' terrible original logo can become the well-honed fish of today, Pat can be fixed.

But getting back to the original comment, we're still no closer to finding out which versions the Pats used and when.

This helmet was sold by Lelands as a 1980s model, but features a version of the logo different from any that ColorWerx posted:


From American Memorabilia, we get these examples:

1972-74 John Tarver Game-Worn Patriots Suspension Helmet


Here's a closer look at the logo in the 1992 photos:

1991-92 Maurice Hurst Game-Worn Patriots Helmet


You can see that this rendition of Pat is sharper than any of the logos on the first page.

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I know this might be slightly off topic, but my biggest problem with the old Patriot identity was the fact that they wore red jerseys. Maybe I'm wrong for saying this but if you are going to be a team with a nickname that harks back to Revolutionary War era why would you make red (the prominent color of the British) your primary color????

Thats the main reason why I like the current identity. It makes much more sense to be clad in navy and grey as opposed to red. I also like the "Flying Elvis" over the Pat Patriot logo because in my opinion it never worked on the helmet for me. Even if you simplified it or made a silhouette out of it I don't think it works. Its too literal for me.

I think what they did quite successfully with the "Elvis" logo was to combine the two most recognizable elements from the team's earlier identities: the tri point hat and Pat Patriot, and create a modern symbol that is simple, iconic, and easy to use in all facets of marketing.

In the end I think thats the point when you modernize any logo

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