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Toronto Maple Leafs Concept


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The new primary is based off the '66-'70 leaf, which I prefer to the current one, but kept the script because I believe it has a timeless quality to it and it just looks cool.

The big change here is the secondary. I kinda like the "TML" logo but it really doesn't fit in with the Leafs identity, so I played around with the letters to create a "TML Leaf" I couldn't decide if I liked the interlocking look of option 1 or the stacked look of 2 so I figured just let you guys decide.

Uniforms are the current set with the updated primary and the addition of the "TML Leaf" to the shoulders. I felt no need to reinvent the wheel with these.

C+C as always.


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Very creative with the secondary. I like option #1. It might look better if you made the letters more bold. I don't know, that's just something I'm throwing out there. The updated primary is a nice compromise of eras. I really don't like the authentic looking old style leaf they use because it's to veiny. I don't like the script. I think it needs a little update to go along with your tweaked primary. What if you added some sharp serifs that echo the sharp points on your leaf. Not too many, now, just enough to get the point across. That would tie the concept together.

Good job.

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I like the primary, though I do think it's a bit too aggressive (not really the word I'm looking for, but roll with it) for the Maple Leafs. It seems too jagged and sharp, and a step further away from Maple Leafs tradition. The font doesn't seem to fit with the leaf now. The current logo is very simplistic and straight edged, so the font mirrors that.

The secondary is very neat, I've seen similar designs using the same idea, but again, far too aggressive looking for the leafs, and it's a little bit hard to figure out what it is.

Also, if you update the logo I think the uniforms would need an update too, something a little more modern to fit with the style of the logo. Great work, it's always hard designing for a team with such tradition.

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