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Nfl Hockey Project


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ADDED: NFC North...

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings

Bears-I did a very basic striping pattern here, just white outlining orange (blue outlines on the away jersey). I woulda used Chicago Bears-style striping, but those were too close to the Redskins' one I had already drawn.

Lions-Red Wings template was used here. I think it looks good here. I did my level best to put black in for no reason :D. This one, IMHO, is the best of this bunch.

Packers-I used the Penguins -yes, Penguins- template here (:therock:). I think it actually looks very nice. I woulda made sort-of a long-sleeve version of their unis, but looking back I found Sharkie beat me to that. :rolleyes: Oh, well. (Just messin', ICS, yours are awesome).

Vikings-Now, for the not-so-new members here, this is the same Vikings hockey uni I made earlier in concept drawing life (okay, two months ago). I tried the Minnesota Wild template, but found it didn't work as well as the Sabres' one here.

Note: If you're joining this thread for the first time, all of these x-overs can be seen here. Scroll down to find them.

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A couple of suggestions:

Bears: Perhaps try to find a way to include the "GSH" initials from their jersey into this xover.

Lions: On the blue jersey, invert the colours for the lion (ie. make it white on a blue jersey.

Packers: The nameplate, back numbers, and logo all look a little far down. Maybe it's just the template, but maybe it isn't...?

Vikings: Make the horn on the player wearing this jersey's left shoulder face forewards.

Real nice job on these vic, you're doing a great job!

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Not bad overall

The Bears look good but I agree with JKR have 3 stripes at the bottom of the jersey.

Lions need some work I would go for a silver lion on teh blue jersey to make it stand out more.

Packers I dont feel them I would go with a Canadiens or Ranger template personally give them an older look.

Vickings Are terrific the best of teh four I like the V how it forms horns on teh sides.

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I don't like the Lions jersey. I think you're trying to hard to make it look like the Red Wings and limiting the usage of the black. Remember, this is how an NFL team would possibly do hockey jerseys, while taking regional hockey teams into mind -- atleast, I'd imagine that's what the point of the project is. The Lions, in my opinion, would use more black and that and atleast make the collar have black in it, like on their actual football jerseys. I'd make the black stripes and outlines thicker.

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Bears:its ok but i think the bottom stripe on the jersey doesn't fit. maybe make it a three strip pattern

Lions:im loving the white jerseys, but the blue one needs to be inverted for the logo. And maybe add some silver into this scheme.

Packers:Id love to see a Canadiens or Rangers style template as someone else suggested earlier, and ya the logo is too far down

Vikings:beautiful!I love it!

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WHOO-HOO!!! Added the NFC South today. Links...

Carolina Panthers

New Orleans Saints

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Panthers-I used the Florida Panthers' template here. I did cut off the extra white stripe that's there to create balance and consistency. These are pretty nice. (See if you can find where I used part of the wordmark in here.)

Saints-I used the Calgary Flames' template here. I'm not sure that I used the right shade of gold, but the other shade looked so bad, IMO, that I just used this one.

Buccaneers-I used the Devils' template (you know, Devils, Buccaneers, it just works). I used pewter to a minimum, keeping it to the outlining on the numbers. Shock, I actually needed a logo edit, but I think I did pretty good with that.

All other concepts in this project can be seen here.

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Not bad at all

The Panthers is perect and teh Siants are great too.

The Bucs are ok but I would have the ship logo on the front of the jersey and the flags on the shoulders.

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I think that it should have two thick stripes on the sleve rather than three thinner ones.

It's been done before, and I've learned from experience that copying is a bad idea.

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