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Nfl Hockey Project


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"FYI, the Bengals' 'B' is on the helmet."

I am only making mere suggestions, that is all. The new "B" should be in a more promiment position on the sweater/jersey, like on the shoulders. The full jumping Bengal should be on the helmet.

BTW, how about the old throwback "Kicking Colt" in the proposed Colts hockey sweater/jersey with the Maple Leafs' uniform pattern? Would that be a good idea?

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I'm workin' on the Jags now. I've finished the Titans.

I did the Titans in a very similar fashion as the one ICS did. I want to apologize now for that. I just could not get it to look good any other way.

As for the "B" logo on the Bengals...

I was very happy to see the tiger head and not the B on the Bengals.
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PHEW! First addition in a week... The AFC South:

Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars

Tennessee Titans

These concepts feature something new (which I will eventually add to everything I've done) which is a watermark superimposed onto my concept to protect against theft.

Note: All other concepts in this project can be seen here.

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These concepts feature something new (which I will eventually add to everything I've done) which is a watermark superimposed onto my concept to protect against theft.

I'm all for theft-protection, but it's not like anyone's going to steal a design of a logo that's already out there, and a jersey design that probably won't get used.

It makes it very difficult to view the concept.

I'd recommend going with a simple copyright on your original work, and on stuff like this, I don't think anything is necessary.

The Starry-Eyes' one is simple and nice. Some consistency required in the striping though.

The Lucky Charms' one is very plain. The Sharks' thrid is not a jersey cut I'd copy for anything.

The Teal-Tongued Cats angular trim is a little too sharply angled. A little bit is okay, but when it starts to interfere with the numbers and invade on the logos personal space, it's a little too much.

The Flaming Thumbtacks also require some consistency in the striping.

All in all, not your best division, but there's certainly some very nice work there. My favourite is Houston's.

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I would have liked to see the shoulder and main Titans logos swapped. The off-center T just looks weird to me.

For the Colts, I am just not feeling the arm striping. It doesn't feel traditional enough.

I like the other 2 quite a bit.

As for the watermark, I dislike it very much. I think it is too dark, and it really detracts from some nice work. I found myself, at times, trying to distinguis between what was a stripe and what was just the watermark.

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They are not bad. The Colts one is knd of plain, but the other look good especially the Texans which is the best of the 6.

The Jags is kinda differnt but it works.

While the Titans are very good too.

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Yeah, for the Colts, I would have preferred the '74-75 Seals striping. I also would have used a old-school kicking Colt in the sweater fronts and the horseshoe on the shoulders.

But the Jags, did we have to see the pre-1999 Blues?

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YAHOO!!!!! I've finished the NFL Hockey project. Here's the AFC West...

Denver Broncos

Kansas City Chiefs

Oakland Raiders

San Diego Chargers

Denver Broncos-I used the Avs' template instead of making a wing-mesh jersey. I think it turned out great.

Kansas City Chiefs-A lot of red and yellow used here. That's all I have to say about this jersey.

Oakland Raiders-Black, silver, really simple, and Robert Gallery (:therock:).

San Diego Chargers-Pittsburgh Penguins template (the only template I used twice; see Packers). I thought about cluttering the thing up with lightning bolts, but decided against it.

"The time is now to say goodbye, too all my NFL x-overs..."

Might decide to finish NBA Football. Might re-do the MLB Basketball project (I'm probably doing this one). Anyways, thanx to everyone for the encouragement throughout this project.

The whole NFL Hockey project can be seen here.

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Overall a fantastic project. These last ones are pretty nice. A good finish.

Just a few concerns I have:

- this has nothing to do with your design, but that Chiefs concept really highlights how awkward it is for them to have black in the logo but not the uniform.

- the Broncos seem weird because I couldn't imagine anything other than their wing jerseys, but I think what you did works. The only problem I have is the lack of orange striping where the white stripe is on the dark jersey (especially since the orange one blue on their football jerseys isn't outlined in white, but the blue on white IS outlined in orange.

Thanks for an entertaining project. I followed this from start to finish and was very impressed all along the way.

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:notworthy: Terrific JOb cant wait for next project like this.

As for my reviews of the AFC West Broncos are the best.

The Chiefs are good too, the black Raiders looks kinda strange without the shield but I dont know what else you can do and the Chargers you did the best you could do with what they had, but they would need a shield logo or something more for hockey because the bolts only would work on shoulder.

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This may be my least favorite division--but still not too bad...

I like the Chiefs logo and the black line/logo thing doesn't bother me at all.

The Raiders works well too, and well I may get some strong reaction on this--their logo is one of the goofiest looking ones---that guy's face just doesn't fit--still since you weren't making new logos that's their fault not yours.

The Chargers was tricky, given that you used helmet logos for the most part--still it needs something else.

Overall--some great jerseys...it's tough to have a 32 team league where you love each uni--your success rate here though is quite high--good work!

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