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EA Sports Wallpapers


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I have worked on some more wallpapers, and I think this one is good and simple enough to take requests on. Just leave size and player, I am working off of pre-cuts so it will take some time if your request requires me to cut the player.

Parker.png EACrosby.png Andy.png

{Click to Enlarge}

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very cool!!

One thing I would suggest though is the position of their names... I am familiar with Andy Laroche or else I would ahve no idea who it was based off text alone.

Understood, but not all players would hang over like that, and what are the chances that someone is going to make a request containing a player they don't know.

Really sweet man. May I ask what effects you used on the players?

I messed around with two posts that I found in the Photoshop help thread. I mainly used hue/saturation and brightness/contrast.

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