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Maine Red Claws jersey unveiling


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Today at quarter to one the Maine Red Claws will get a shipment of their jerseys in from a lobster boat down on Portland's shore. The team is going to unveil the jerseys to the public. I wish I could have been there, but I am working. Anyway, I figured these would just be the first time we see the D-League's new 09-10 template, but on the website it says, "The classic styled jerseys, with touches of the team?s home state, will be worn during the Red Claws inaugural season in Maine." This sort of leads me to believe that every team could have unique jerseys next year. Maybe it is just hype, though.

I'd say it's a 60% chance we see the new D-League template today, a 30% chance teams wear unique jerseys next year, a 5% chance we see last year's template used again, and a 5% chance the jerseys get lost at sea...

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I would like to see Adidas do something more with the three stripes. Like make different designs and such instead of cutting them off. This doesn't look too bad though...

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